Learn about Wake-Up Radio in this groundbreaking technology report from IEEE.

An overview of IEEE 802.11ba Wake-Up Radio

Near-and long-term use cases

Market forecasts

A comparison of wake-up radio to other technologies

A look at potential future developments

IEEE Technology Report on Wake-Up Radio provides:

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IEEE Technology Report on Wake-Up Radio

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An Application, Market, and Technology Impact Analysis of Low-Power/Low-Latency 802.11 Wireless LAN Interfaces

The Internet of Things will consist of billions of devices by 2020. Many of these devices will run on batteries. To prolong the useful life of these batteries, while making sure devices don’t stay in a sleep state too long and run slowly, devices must be able to run in a low-power, low-latency state. 

Wake-Up Radio, which is being developed by the IEEE 802.11ba working group, offers a solution to this challenge.

If your organization in researching or developing Internet of Things devices that will connect over wireless networks, you need to understand Wake-Up Radio and how it may impact your development.

Significantly increase the battery life of wireless devices