3 Fundamentals of Effective Cyber Security for Every Business

3 fundamentals of effective cyber security for every business

As network infrastructure becomes more complex, ensuring effective cyber security becomes more challenging. Hybrid or multi-cloud set-ups with servers, applications, and data spread across the country and around the world over the internet have taken the place of racks of servers stashed away somewhere within your building.

Whatever the size of your organization and in whichever industry you work, the fundamentals of effective cyber security are:

  1. Visibility: You can’t protect what you can’t see. That’s why it’s important to have an accurate inventory of every asset and service connected to your network. This allows you to discover vulnerabilities, identify configuration or other security issues, or detect suspicious or malicious activity.
  2. Context: Not all vulnerabilities or security issues carry equal weight. Context is critical for carrying out effective risk management and efficient use of resources. A vulnerability on a public-facing ecommerce web server, for instance, is far more critical than the same vulnerability on a server on an internal development network. To be able to prioritize risk and allocate resources, IT teams must understand the exposure of assets, as well as the potential security or compliance impact.
  3. Scalability: The ability to generate resources and expand availability as demand increases is a huge benefit of cloud computing, as is the ability to phase out unnecessary or unused resources as need diminishes. Cyber security tools must be able to keep pace with the volatility of the cloud to ensure there are no gaps in security, and that security doesn’t become a bottleneck that obstructs network performance and productivity.

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