5 Benefits of Offering the IEEE | Rutgers Mini-MBA Program for Your Engineers

mini-mba for engineers

If engineers in your organization are moving into management roles for which they could be better prepared, consider offering enrollment in a mini-MBA program.

Developed by IEEE science and technology experts along with Rutgers University faculty, the IEEE | Rutgers Mini-MBA for Engineers is a flexible online program designed for engineers and technical professionals.

This fast-paced, instructor-led program is based on real-world business and engineering practices. Because it bridges the gap between engineering and business, the curriculum is particularly valuable for employees transitioning into management roles. It also teaches engineers fundamental business theories and best practices that are applicable to the engineering sector.

Why offer this program to your engineers?

  1. It’s the only Mini-MBA program specifically designed for engineers.
  2. Featuring highly-specialized, interactive content relevant to current employee roles, it offers immediate return on investment at a lower cost compared to traditional graduate degree programs.
  3. Taught by top-rated Rutgers Business School faculty members and experienced practitioners, this program will help employees keep their skills relevant.
  4. Convenient, on-demand classes allow learning anytime, anywhere. The self-paced video lessons and interactive assessments enable busy employees to maintain work-life balance.
  5. Participants receive ongoing access to online materials for future reference.

Offering professional development opportunities can serve as a tool to raise overall staff expertise. It can also prepare employees to enter leadership roles.

The IEEE | Rutgers Mini-MBA is intended for multiple engineers within an organization. Connect with an IEEE Content Specialist today to learn more about this program and how it can fit your organization’s needs.

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