6 Ways You’ll Directly Benefit from the Internet of Things

Six IOT Benefits You'll Enjoy from IEEE Innovation at WorkThe Internet of Things (IoT) continues to have an impact on our personal and professional lives. Some IOT benefits are subtle, but others are impossible to miss. Whether you’re already an IoT guru or barely a novice, below are six ways you will directly benefit from the Internet of Things:


  1. Connectivity: Say goodbye to the era of manually operating a different device for every task. Say hello to the ability to operate multiple things from one device; for example, your smart phone. From controlling your thermostat to turning up the volume on the TV to dimming the lights and more, soon practically every device will be connected for streamlined control (Mok, 2017).
  2. Efficiency: An increase in connectivity means a decrease in the amount of time normally spent performing the same tasks. For example, voice assistants like Apple’s Homepod or Amazon’s Alexa can provide answers to your questions without you needing to pick up your phone or turn on your computer. According to Lang (2017), they may even eliminate the need for many business meetings, as they can quickly provide important updates and information.
  3. Convenience: Smart appliances are becoming more commonplace, especially at home. Smart refrigerators and Amazon Dash buttons are a few examples of IoT devices that are making it easier for you to reorder items, requiring little more than an action or two signaling your consent. These IOT benefits can save you time and make your life easier.
  4. Wellness: Whether you have invested in wearable technology or not, there are many ways to monitor your health goals using the IoT. A Withings scale can record your weight and body composition, provide suggestions, and reward progress towards weight loss goals (Lindsay, 2017).
  5. Conservation: Smart cities are also on the rise, and IoT developers are devising ways to use the IoT to monitor city conditions such as traffic, air quality, electric/water usage, and environmental factors. Doing so can assist city planners as well as residents to come up with solutions to current issues and conserve resources (Hicks, 2017).
  6. Personalization*: According to Lindsay (2017), “more personalized connections are better connections,” as personalized connections are “more relevant, more interesting, less distracting, and more enjoyable.” As your IoT devices gather more data from you, they will quickly learn your likes as well as dislikes and tailor their services to your preferences.

*There are pros and cons to personalization (using artificial intelligence), as described here: Do the Benefits of AI Outweigh the Risks?

As the Internet of Things continues to grow in the days to come, there are many IOT benefits to look forward to. Knowing that there are numerous ways in which the IoT will emerge in our lives, however, makes the need to secure the Internet of Things even more important.

Interested in learning more about the IoT? Check out the IEEE Guide to the Internet of Things.


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