6 Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Employees Professional Development Certificates

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There are lots of reasons why employees may want to earn professional development certificates – validation of expertise, added prestige, a pay increase and better chance of promotion, to name a few. But why should employers offer certificates?

Here’s Why

  1. Greater Appeal: Offering professional development opportunities makes your company more attractive to new candidates. Promote this benefit on all recruiting channels, on every job posting, and in every introductory phone screening and interview. The more you emphasize it, the more likely candidates are to remember that your company is the one that will offer amazing opportunities for growth.
  2. Reduced Turnover: The opportunity for personal growth and development is high on the list of priorities for entry level candidates, and employees already working in high-demand fields like IT will often search for a new position if they feel there’s no skills advancements opportunities. When you invest in your team’s professional development, you show that you value them and share in their desire to succeed. This can go a long way toward getting them to stick around longer, minimizing the hassle and expense of staff turnover.IEEE educational activities standards
  3. Top Talent: Enable your employees to learn and you’ll have more skilled, knowledgeable people working for your company. When you provide employees the opportunity to advance their skills, directly contributing to their expanded expertise, you advance the quality of your workforce overall.
  4. Peace of Mind: In becoming certified, employees gain an understanding of the importance of adhering to certain professional standards. You can more easily and confidently rely on your team of certified employees’ ability to meet industry benchmarks and deliver higher, more consistent quality, and that peace of mind is well worth the investment.
  5. Client Confidence: Encouraging employees to pursue and obtain certification shows clients that you hold your staff to the highest professional standards, which helps them feel like they’re in safer, more secure hands.
  6. Improved Productivity: Various studies show that employees with professional certification are more productive. This is a result of their feeling more capable of handling daily challenges and getting the most out of new technologies. Often, certified employees work more efficiently than their uncertified colleagues. Their participation can help boost the productivity of team projects.

Here’s How

IEEE courses engineering classes training PDHs CEUs professional development hours ieee certificationHelp your organization stay competitive by ensuring your workforce has the most up-to-date skills. Use the IEEE Certificates Program to credential your professional development trainings and courses.  Many engineers need CEUs/PDHs to maintain their licenses (as approved by state regulation), and offering this benefit to earn these credentials after completing your in house training, can increase the likelihood that your engineers will stick with you. Find out how IEEE can help you provide these benefits through IEEE Certificates Program. IEEE certificates can help your engineers stay ahead in their fields.


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