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Latest Posts


Take Steps to Shore Up Your Organization’s Digital Fortress

Could your organization be the next victim of a cyber attack? Few other technological advancements have been adopted by so many people in such a short period of time as the Internet of Things (IoT). Originally used by governments as a means of sharing information, ...

Are You Ready to Meet the Technology Challenge?

Online learning opportunities from IEEE will help you capitalize on the record-high level of investments in technology being made worldwide. One look at the rapid technological advancements taking place all around us in today’s digital society and the bottom line is clear:  technology doesn’t just ...


The Importance of IoT Security in a Connected World

By the end of 2023, reports estimate the world will have over 16.7 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This means there will be a tremendous amount of potentially vulnerable targets if they are not properly protected. As the world continues to implement more ...


Safeguard Your Organization from Cyber Attacks

Gaps in security could leave your company vulnerable to global cyber threats. Arm yourself with the targeted cyber security strategies you need to know through online learning opportunities from IEEE If the growing threat of cyber attacks hasn’t yet raised serious concerns in your company, ...


Celebrate National Online Learning Day by Investing in Your Future

The famed adage that “you’re never too old to learn” couldn’t be more true or more empowering. This 15 September marks a great time to invest in your future as it’s “National Online Learning Day” in the U.S. Celebrate by tapping into the broad range ...


Built for Speed: IEEE Standard 802.11ax

Most connected users worldwide have at some point experienced the agony and frustration of a slow wireless network. However, speeds are increasing thanks to IEEE Standard 802.11ax and its impact on business and society as we know it. Officially certified in 2020, IEEE 802.11ax, also ...


A Global Perspective on Climate Change: Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Climate change, the long-term shift in temperature and average weather patterns, is a huge societal concern. Extreme precipitation, wildfires, and droughts, as well as shifts in temperature, wind patterns, and rising sea levels are all recently observed examples of climate change. While temperatures can be ...


The Power (and Pitfalls) of AI and Machine Learning

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest headlines, especially because of the promise it holds for revolutionizing so many industries and applications. Among them, AI is being used to help reduce the time involved in automatable and administrative tasks in ...


The Limitless Potential of Deep Learning

Deep learning is having a moment. There was a time where we could only dream of partially autonomous vehicles and voice-activated assistants. Today, however, these inventions are a regular part of our lives. A subfield of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning ...