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Want to Break Into a Leadership Role? Consider These 7 Tips from IT Leaders

Engineers spend much of their time learning technical skills. However, they may not be as invested in learning the communication and business knowledge needed to ascend to leadership positions. These skills are becoming especially important as digital transformation is forcing traditional workforces to evolve. While ...
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Technical Skills That Will Prepare You For the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain technology is growing at a significant pace. According to Statista, the global blockchain market, valued at US$1.57 billion in 2018, is expected to grow more than a hundred times to US$163 billion by 2027.  Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger of transactions that records ...
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From Disaster Zones to Private Networks, 5G Takes Off

Imagine you are stuck in the aftermath of a hurricane. You need to call for help, but networks are down. Drones suddenly appear over the horizon. Equipped with 5G technology, they form an aerial network that allows you to send texts and look up evacuation ...
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What’s It Like To Play Professional Football? A New Augmented Reality Game Can Help You Find Out

Most of us can only dream of playing professional sports. However, augmented reality (AR) could soon turn these dreams into reality — that is, a virtual one. This fall, the National Football League (NFL) will release its first officially licensed game for virtual reality platforms, ...
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DOE Report: Modern Utilities Depend on Engineers in These Seven Fields (Join the IEEE Smart Grid Academy)

The electric grid has transformed significantly over the last decade, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s two-yearly review on the status of the smart grid system nationally, released in May 2022. The growing mix of renewable energy resources, electric vehicles, and interactive buildings in ...
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New Research Helps Autonomous Vehicles Navigate Intersections More Safely and Effectively  

For the first time, autonomous vehicles (AVs) are now being tested on the streets of Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida, without drivers at the wheel. Designed by Argo AI, the vehicles are also being tested in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Detroit, Michigan, and Palo Alto, ...
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With Regulations Growing, Qualified Data Privacy Professionals Are in High Demand 

Utah and Connecticut recently joined a growing number of U.S. states – including California, Colorado, and Virginia — passing data privacy laws. These regulations give citizens greater control over their data and empower them to hold organizations that violate the rules accountable. A number of ...
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How to Develop the Best Artificial Intelligence Program for Your Organization

Big data is creating exciting new opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI). According to Arvind Krishna, Chairman and Chief CEO of IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced each day. To analyze, distribute, and make use of this data, many organizations are combining AI with ...
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How the Finite Element Analysis Is Advancing Nanotechnology  

The finite element analysis (FEA) is leading to major breakthroughs in nanotechnology, and having a huge impact on a number of industries spanning electronics, material science, quantum science, engineering, and biotechnology, AZO Nano reported.  Simulations based on FEA, a complex mathematical technique, is giving engineers ...
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