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Latest Posts


5G is Finally Here, But Questions and Issues Remain

5G has been publicized as a substantial change in mobile networking—promising faster download speeds, real-time data-sharing, and network capacity. As such, the technology is expected to transform mobile networking and create new economic opportunities. Despite delays with the rollout in both the U.S. and parts of ...


What Makes a City Smart?

Shorter commutes, fewer crimes, reduced health burdens, and lower carbon emissions— smart city technologies provide residents with innovative technology, utility, and mobility for ease of living, economic growth, and sustainable development. An often-cited report by McKinsey Global Institute finds that  “smart cities” can improve essential ...

Demand for Wi-Fi 6 is Growing

Wi-Fi has been around for over 20 years. With each new generation, the world has seen remarkable gains in wireless performance, connectivity, and user experience. Wi-Fi 6E is a game-changing version of Wi-Fi that brings the technology to the 6 GHz frequency band. Past articles ...

Top Technology Trends for 2023

As we enter 2023, now is an excellent time to set plans for future skills development. A number of popular websites (NewsweekZDNETForbesGartnerVentureBeatMedium) made predictions about the most impactful technologies and job roles of 2023. Additionally, IEEE recently released the results of “The Impact of Technology ...

How to Use Requirements Management as an Anchor to Establish Live Traceability in Systems Engineering

This is a sponsored post from Jama Software. Written by Nikhil Rai. Complexity Necessitates Traceability Today, when systems engineers develop complex systems and products, the concept of utilizing systems thinking principles is of the utmost importance. As per the INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineering) ...


English Skills for STEM Professions

English is the most spoken language in the world, with the number of speakers (native and non-native) totaling more than 1.4 billion in 2022. Over the years, English has become—for all intents and purposes—the language of science. International conferences are held in English, and the world’s top scientific ...


What Is Smart Farming?

In order to support a growing population, many farmers are turning to new technologies. Smart farming uses information and communication technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and augmented and virtual realities (AR/VR), to improve both the quantity and quality of products while ...


When Will 5G Finally Change the World?

Interference with planes, pandemic delays, and slow network buildouts—it seems as if the problems with 5G keep adding up. However, with promises to close the digital divide through faster download and upload speeds for improved web-browsing and in-app experiences, as well as increased speeds in communication ...


Digital Transformation: The Future of Business is Gaining Traction

At the most basic level, digital transformation involves using digital technologies to change a business process to become more efficient or effective. It can involve many things, whether it’s process automation, a new website, improved user experience, or a migration to the cloud. The idea ...