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Latest Posts

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things from IEEE Educational Activities

Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow at an astonishing pace, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing at practically the same rate. While the IoT concentrates on the connectivity of multiple devices, AI focuses on the automation of those devices to perform tasks independently. What ...

An Electric Grid Malware Attack must be prepared for, and defended against. New article from IEEE Educational Activities

Is Your Community’s Electric Grid Prepared for a Malware Attack?

When you think of malware attacks, images of computers going haywire and networks being disrupted probably come to mind. But a malware attack can affect far more than that. In the Ukraine, an electric grid malware attack was recently discovered as the cause of power outages ...

Three Reasons why Latin America is under Cyber Attack from IEEE Innovation at Work

Three Reasons Why Latin America is Under Cyber Attack

Latin America is under cyber attack. Cyber attacks are on the rise globally, but Latin America is seeing more than its fair share. According to an Eset Latin American Security Report (2017), the number of reported ransomware cases grew 131% in 2016. In Brazil alone, ...

Cyber Threats Lurking in Social Media from IEEE Educational Activities

The Cyber Threats Lurking in Social Media

We often hear that we should be careful when choosing the comments, photos, and other media we share with our networks on social media. After all, what we post affects our reputation. But now there’s also a new worry. Did you know that your participation ...

Infographic: The Evolution of Healthcare Technology Healthcare technology and Internet of Things from IEEE Educational Activities

Infographic: Healthcare Technology and Internet of Things

The healthcare industry has seen a major shift in its use of technology over the past several decades. Protocol that used to rely on paper and pencil have now been replaced with computers and digital software. Aside from these differences within the hospital, such changes have also affected ...

Defend yourself against cyber attack by gaining ethical hacking skills from IEEE

Should you Hire an Ethical Hacker?

With cyber attacks on the rise, how can you ensure your organization’s digital work space is secure? More and more, companies are looking to train or hire an ethical hacker for help in finding and fixing security issues. Ethical hackers, also referred to as “white ...

Learn how to defend against cyber attack with cyber security training from IEEE

Three Reasons Why Organizations Don’t Take Cyber Security Seriously Enough

The risk of cyber attack regularly increases in frequency and danger. Every day, it seems, there is another news article about the next attack, which is creating a great deal of concern in organizations large and small. Yet cyber security as a whole continues to be ...

Strengthen cyber security for your organization with cyber security training from IEEE

How to Strengthen Your Organization’s Cyber Security

How prepared is your organization to manage a cyber attack? Do you need to strengthen cyber security for your organization? According to a recent report from ISACA, a professional association focused on IT governance, many security leaders anticipate a cyber attack on their organization in the ...

Four Internet of Things Companies to Watch

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and pervade many areas of daily life, several companies have been quick to pursue this lucrative opportunity. According to Business Insider, below are four companies making notable, innovative contributions to the IoT field that will be worth watching in the days to come ...