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Latest Posts

Securing the Internet of Things is Critical

Securing the Internet of Things from Cyber Attack is Critical

The Internet of Things is transforming industries. Healthcare devices collect personal information and share it to help doctors make better healthcare decisions for patients. Logistics and manufacturing can improve efficiencies and identify potential problems quickly. And that’s just the beginning. Just about every industry can ...

IEEE Guide to the Internet of Things for Healthcare

New Report: IoT will Help Healthcare Organizations Realize Significant Cost Savings

A recent report from consulting firm Accenture found that the Internet of Things has the potential to offer both healthcare providers and payers significant savings over the next three years. However, only 49 percent of top leadership in healthcare organizations say that they understand what ...

Internet of Things Devices require a change in the way we do business

Five Ways in Which the IoT Will Disrupt Your Business

In a recent post on IBM’s Security Intelligence blog, they provided an excellent overview of five ways that Internet of Things (IoT) devices are already improving operational efficiencies and making business more effective. From better data capture and analysis to improved logistics to better business process ...

IEEE IoT: A Day in a Connected Life

A Day in a Connected Life with the Internet of Things

How does the Internet of Things (IoT) affect your everyday life? In this new interactive infographic from IEEE, you’ll learn about the opportunity and risks posed by the devices you use every day. From your home to your car, from the office to the store, ...

Internet of Things

What Is the Internet of Things? A Beginner’s Guide

Forbes recently published an article that highlighted the possibilities and products of the Internet of Things, and how this technology will affect not only consumers but also businesses. From the article: “There’s no doubt, the Internet of Things is just getting started. Businesses who start ...

Ethical Hacking is a Critical Component of Network Security

Inside the Murky World of Hackers for Hire

Ethical hackers, those that identify the system vulnerabilities of organizations before they can be exploited by malicious hackers, perform a valuable service that is gaining increasing attention around the world. In this article from The Telegraph, learn about HackerOne, a network of self-employed ethical ...

IEEE Cybersecurity Infographic

Infographic: Cyber Security Threats

Recently, the IEEE member publication THE INSTITUTE, highlighted some of the online security threats that Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers say are their biggest challenges. Exploring issues like Data Breaches, Compromised Credentials, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) Attacks and more. The infographic below illustrates some of these ...

IEEE Continuing Education Training: Internet of Things (IoT)

8 Ways the Internet of Things Will Impact Business

8 Ways the Internet of Things May Affect Your Business The Internet of Things is going to cause a revolution in the business world within the next few years, impacting everything from logistics to bandwidth and data storage to productivity efficiencies. In this ...

Internet of Things Wearables at CES 2017

Finding the Right Wearable

Internet of Things Wearables at CES 2017 The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show was, among other things, a showcase for the latest developments in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Wearables is a huge category in the Internet of Things, as consumers choose devices that do everything ...