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Latest Posts


IEEE Learning Network Celebrates Five Years

Since its launch on 11 July 2019, the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) has been instrumental in advancing professional development through its diverse array of courses and programs. One of the key goals in developing the IEEE Learning Network was to allow members and technical professionals ...


Transformative Effect: AI in Semiconductor Design

Based on the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate repetitive tasks and process massive amounts of data, AI technology is revolutionizing many industries. Such industries range from healthcare and banking to cyber security, transportation, marketing, customer service, manufacturing, and more. One industry that’s undergoing ...


Fostering the Future: International Women in Engineering Day

23 June of each year marks “International Women in Engineering Day”, which spotlights the innovative and impactful contributions women worldwide have made to the field of engineering. Originally launched in 2014 by the United Kingdom-based Women’s Engineering Society and officially endorsed by The United Nations ...


Are You Shoring Up Your “Business Engineering” Skills?

Studies show that strong business management, leadership, and communication skills are as important as technical skills when it comes to success and advancement in the engineering field. Engineers are recognized for their innate analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, curiosity, creativity, and flexibility. What may not come ...


Invest in Yourself Through Continuing Professional Education

For many people, formal education ends in early adulthood. However, today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving world requires professionals to stay up-to-speed in their field or risk falling behind. Investing in continuing professional education throughout your career is critical to remaining a high-performing contributor in your ...


Powering Progress: Minigrids in Africa

With electricity powering every corner of life and work in modern society, the absence of reliable access to electricity can indelibly impact a community or country’s ability to function, conduct business, and make the forward progress necessary for a positive and productive future.  The Need ...


High Performance Computing: Are You Prepared for the Exascale Era?

In 1964, The Control Data Corporation’s “CDC 6600” earned the illustrious title of “world’s fastest computer.” Three times faster than its closest competitor at the time (the “IBM 7030”), it performed up to 3 million instructions per second. It held onto that world-renowned recognition for ...


Is Your Company Capitalizing on the “Development Dynamic?”

Author and leadership expert John Maxwell once famously said that “the single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders, and ...


Build and Retain a Highly-Trained Technical Workforce with Credentialing Programs

With careers in engineering and technology evolving so rapidly, a commitment to upskilling is imperative to employee growth and the ability to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Maintaining the appropriate credentials— such as a certificate or digital badge that attests to successful completion of a ...