Benefits of Edge Computing for Business


Edge computing for business can increase the speed of data processing and analysis. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to grow significantly, predicted to reach about $1.6 trillion USD by 2025. Edge technology can help process the copious amounts of data that this surge in IoT-enabled devices will produce.

Because edge computing processes data at the location where the data is being generated, it stores, processes, analyzes and informs actions of users instantaneously. The benefits of edge computing over cloud computing is the speed at which data is analyzed and acted on. See a few ways it can transform a business in the next year.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Data is normally sent to one central location so that it can be analyzed in order to take proper action. However, edge computing allows for the data analysis to take place near the area where it is created.  With edge technology, the data can be kept close to its origin point, which is optimal for nearly real-time decision making.

Augmented Reality

Edge computing has the chance to improve augmented reality. Users will gain a more vivid and realistic augmented reality (AR) experience. By taking advantage of this technology early on, technology firms can be one of the first to provide this upgraded experience to their customers.

Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies can improve their production floors with edge technology. With almost real-time data analysis, it helps improve efficiency and margins. Companies can help avoid line shutdowns by identifying problems while edge computing allows analyzes the collected data.

Security Systems

Large organizations need fast and accurate security systems to help keep their information and buildings safe. Edge computing makes security systems more efficient when operating at a lower bandwidth. Data from security cameras are frequently collected and stored in the cloud through a signal. Edge computing allows each device to have an internal computer that is able to transfer footage to the cloud when it is needed.

Lowered Operational Costs

Because edge computing helps collect data, it does not require a central server to determine what action should be taken. This helps reduce operational costs by needing less storage to hold the information.

Get Close to the Edge with Customized Solutions

Not many organizations know what edge computing means or what impact it can have on their business. For one company, it could mean installing on-site servers that are capable of nearly real-time IoT data analysis. For another company, it could mean reducing organizational costs by using smaller deployments. One key benefit to edge computing it that is can be customized to meet the company’s needs.

Prepare your organization for edge computing integration. Designed to train your entire team to support edge computing, IEEE Introduction to Edge Computing is an online five-course program. The on-demand courses included in this program are:

  • Overview of Edge Computing
  • Practical Applications of Edge Computing
  • Research Challenges in Edge Computing
  • Designing Security Solutions for Edge, Cloud, and IoT
  • Tools and Software for Edge Computing Applications

To learn more about getting access to these courses for your organization, connect with an IEEE Content Specialist today.

Interested in the course for yourself? Visit the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) to learn more.




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