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New Rule Could Block US Access to European Data

European cyber security authorities are establishing new rules that would prevent U.S. law enforcement from acquiring critical data stored in Europe by U.S. cloud providers, including major tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The new cloud cyber security certification may be finalized as soon as next year.  U.S. cloud providers may eventually face even […]

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Can Ultraviolet Light Kill COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed over a million people across the globe. Until a vaccine is available, social distancing and regular hand washing are our best protection from the virus. However, a lesser known method can also help combat the virus: ultraviolet (UV) light. Although sunlight does contain types of UV light, these types are […]

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Answers to Questions about the Internet of Things

Thank you for participating in the Internet of Things webinar hosted by IEEE Educational Activities on August 22, 2017, presented by Dr. Adam Drobot and moderated by Mike Violette. Click the image below to download this document. To learn more about the Internet of Things, check out IEEE Educational Activities’ newest course program: IEEE Guide […]

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