Closing the Cyber Security Skills Gap


The Centre for Strategic and International Studies recently conducted a survey of IT managers and discovered that 82% of employers believe they lack cyber security skills in their organization. Out of those surveyed, 71% feel that this under preparedness causes harm to their organizations. Leveraging the latest technology might help reduce this damage. However, making sure employees understand how to protect sensitive information is key to closing the cyber security skills gap. After all, cyber security breaches can affect the company as a whole–from the company’s supply chain to the customer.

Cyber Security Shifts

As the world becomes more digital, the risk of cyber attacks increases. Organizations need to remain alert in order to avoid data breaches, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and ransomware. Many companies also view cyber security as a competitive advantage as consumers grow more aware of the threats their private information is facing. People want to protect their personal data, so it is crucial for organizations to make their customers feel secure when giving their information.

According to Gartner, spending on security products and services will increase to $124 billion in 2019, which is 8.7% higher than spending in the year prior. The more a company invests in cyber security, the more trustworthy they generally become in the eyes of consumers. As cyber attacks become more frequent, the demand for companies to be able to resist these attacks increases–as does the need for employees properly versed in cyber security best practices.

Cyber Security Talent Shortage

What can a company do if they currently do not have strong cyber security mechanisms in place?

  • Grow internally. Companies can improve cyber security by hiring experts or buying software to improve the company’s system. While this approach may be more difficult because of budgeting, it is often an easy way for a company to make progress more quickly toward closing their cyber security skills gap.
  • Educate. Cyber security is a team effort. All employees should be involved and educated on reducing infiltration and data breaches. The education of employees must be comprehensive and refreshed as new cyber threats are created. It is vital that companies make sure their employees are knowledgeable in how to protect the data.

A cyber attack can cost an organization up to $13 million USD. Training and education is a smart investment that requires company-wide engagement.

Improving Cyber Security at Your Organization

Having the right tools and systems in place can prevent data breaches and cyber crimes. As the world becomes more automated, it’s crucial for your organization to understand the available cyber security measures to protect its data and devices. Cyber Security Tools for Today’s Environment, an online 11-course program from IEEE, helps businesses improve their security techniques.

Contact a specialist today to get access to the course program for your organization.

Interested in learning about getting access to the course for yourself? Visit the IEEE Learning Network to learn more.



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