Creating A Smarter, More Connected Electric Grid

Bain & Company compiled numerous fascinating statistics along with a helpful infographic about how new technologies are transforming the electricity landscape. While there are an abundance of new opportunities for energy companies to create a smarter electric system, there are also four key steps that utilities need to take in order to make the current system more efficient and sustainable for the future.

Check out Bain & Company’s full report on the subject here: Harnessing New Technologies at the Edge of the Electric Grid.

For both public and private utilities, the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) specifies best safety practices for electric supply and communication systems such as telephone, cable and railroad signal systems (and their associated equipment). The more-than-100-year-old code is applicable to everything from the generation of power or communications signals, all the way to the customer “service point,” which is the point of transfer to a premises wiring system.

IEEE offers a series of online courses to help educate power utility personnel on the rules, regulations, and changes in the NESC 2017 edition. With this comprehensive course program, your team can take advantage of expert instruction from seasoned NESC contributors that cover each part of this code in detail.

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