Cyber Security Tips for Protecting Digital Privacy


As more governments propose data privacy laws, organizations need to renew their focus on data privacy and protecting their customers’ information. While preparing for the growing number of data privacy laws can be a complex process, organizations that stay updated with new laws will have a much easier time in today’s current environment. However, even as companies improve their systems and policies, customer information could still be at risk. According to the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center, nearly 300 million people were affected by 1,862 corporate data breaches last year in the U.S. alone. Past studies from the University of Maryland show that hackers launch attacks roughly every 39 seconds. Recent research shows that 95% of all security breaches were caused by human error. Knowing how to deter online threats before they gain access to your customer database or other critical information could save you and your company a lot of headaches and bad publicity.

Essential Cyber Security Tips

The first step of any cyber security outreach is awareness. At the average company, most employees are not security professionals. Therefore, you need to make sure they are aware of their security responsibilities. Employees will be more inclined to adhere to security procedures if they know the benefits of doing so (and the consequences of failing to meet security measures).

According to Forbes, here are five steps you can take to protect your company and your data from exposure:

  1. Update your software and apps regularly
  2. Start using multi-factor authentication
  3. Implement device use policies
  4. Limit network and data access
  5. Train your employees

Investing in employee awareness ensures business continuity and protects confidential or sensitive information from hackers. However, it is important to note that because cyber threats constantly evolve, employees need continuous refreshers on protecting company data. Companies should conduct regular training sessions to help employees stay on top of the latest security trends and allow healthy discussion of any issue, potentially in a more open forum so that other employees can weigh in on the issue’s importance.

What are some of the ways that your organization is protecting digital privacy for its customers?

Explore Current Digital Privacy Issues with IEEE

With data security and breaches more prominent than ever, it’s imperative to keep up with the latest digital privacy news. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) attempts to gather public feedback on the proposed rulemaking is an effort to rethink the regulatory landscape governing nearly every facet of the U.S. internet economy. Any entity that uses the internet, even if its only for for internal purposes, is likely to be affected by this FTC action.

The Future of Commercial Surveillance and the Internet Economy
Learn more from IEEE subject matter experts on about what we can expect as a possible result of the FTC’s rulemaking process, as well as what can be done to address lax data security practices. This free LinkedIn Live event also introduces the IEEE | IAPP Data Privacy Engineering Collection, which delivers critical training, resources, and content for engineers and technology professionals who are tasked with understanding, maintaining, and protecting data privacy. Watch the on-demand recording of this virtual event

Check out the virtual event and other resources in advance of Data Privacy Day on 28 January.



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  1. Megha January 31, 2023 at 11:11 pm #

    “Staying vigilant and informed is key to protecting our digital privacy in today’s highly connected world. Simple steps like using strong passwords, regularly updating security software, and avoiding suspicious emails and websites can go a long way in safeguarding against cyber threats.”

  2. AnushreeRathore February 13, 2023 at 8:58 am #

    “Maintaining awareness and being knowledgeable are crucial to preserving our online privacy in the technologically advanced world we live in. Adopting basic measures such as creating strong passwords, frequently updating security software, and avoiding dubious emails and websites can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks.”

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