Demand for Qualified IoT Professionals is Rising: Use the IEEE Academy on IoT to Boost Your Skills


Not long ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) was an abstract concept. Now, with millions of devices interconnected across the world, IoT is closer to reality than ever before. According to Statista, IoT-connected devices worldwide are predicted to total as many as 30.9 billion units by 2025, up from just under 14 billion units that were anticipated in 2021.

IoT is a network of connected devices that harnesses the Internet to continuously capture and process data and analytics from physical objects, be they mobile phones, cars, or refrigerators. However, IoT is about a lot more than technology. During an interview with ZD Net, technology pioneer Kevin Ashton, who coined the phrase “Internet of Things,” said it “integrates the interconnectedness of human culture – our ‘things’ – with the interconnectedness of our digital information system – ‘the internet.'”  

IoT also holds enormous potential for business applications. Because it could enable organizations in numerous industries to collect data from millions of smart objects, many businesses will be able to leverage that data to make better decisions. However, there is a major problem: Many technical professionals don’t have the knowledge to take on this increasingly complex technology.

Want to Improve Your IoT Skills? Check out the IEEE Academy on IoT

Are you a professional engineer interested in improving your understanding of the Internet of Things? IEEE has created a new academy that combines existing IoT educational materials with the latest research and developments to help guide technical professionals in this expanding field. 

IEEE Academies are primarily for IEEE members who work in industry and need to understand new technical information quickly so they can apply it to their work. In addition to gaining new skills and knowledge, participants will also earn a certificate upon their completion. There are two IoT learning paths to choose from— and both are available in the IEEE Learning Network (ILN)!

IEEE Academy on Internet of Things (IoT): Communications Standards

Communication technology is an essential part of the IoT as it allows IoT devices to be connected to each other. This learning path will cover the basic principles of communication technology and practical usage of standardized communication. Learn more. 

IEEE Academy on Internet of Things (IoT): Computing Platforms

IoT computing platforms are essential to the development and deployment of IoT applications. This learning path covers all these aspects by providing an overview of the current state-of-art and future trends on computing platforms for IoT applications. Learn more.

What Are IEEE Academies?

IEEE Academies are designed to teach in-demand technical concepts in a new way to IEEE members working in industry. They are a new learning format at IEEE that will help members understand a technical concept without needing a deep background in that technology. This will ensure they understand the fundamental concepts so they can apply them in the context of their general work and technical needs. Learn more about IEEE Academies.


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