IEEE Tech Talk Virtual Panel Series on IEEE 802 Networking Standards


The technical standards created by the IEEE 802 Local Area Networking/Metropolitan Area Network Standards Committee (LMSC) over the past 40 years have been essential in enabling suppliers of data communications components, products, systems, and services to be delivered economically at an immense scale.

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IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking Standards
26 January 2022 | 9am ET
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Missed some of the live events? The previous virtual panel sessions are now available on demand!


IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—802.11 Wireless LAN Standards
In this webinar, our speakers explore 802.11 Wireless LAN standards for the 6GHz band, the growth of new applications supported by 802.11 based networks, and the coming convergence of 802 Wireless LAN and 3GPP services.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Emerging Vertical Network Applications
Focusing on the Vertical Applications IEEE 802.24 Technical Advisory Group (TAG), this discussion compares the use of IEEE 802 standards in vertical applications to other standards more oriented towards commercial networks.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—The Radio Regulatory Advisory Group
Our speakers Join our speakers review the ever increasing importance of government regulators and provide an overview of how the IEEE 802 Wireless community works with radio regulatory and spectrum management bodies.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—State of Ethernet
With a history spanning nearly 50 years, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Standard has provided the wired technologies that have helped create the hyper-connected networked world of today. After providing an overview, our speakers discuss current application spaces that depend on Ethernet as well as the future landscape.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—802.22 TV White Space
In this free event, our panelists discuss TV White Spaces and the award-winning IEEE 802.22 Wi-FAR™ Systems on Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs)—which is a technology that is especially useful for serving less densely populated areas, such as rural areas and developing countries.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—WLAN Sensing
Research on WLAN sensing started at least since the early 2000s and recently WLAN sensing-based solutions begin to be successfully commercialized. Our guest speakers explore potential WLAN sensing applications in home, enterprise, vehicular, and industrial settings; how IEEE 802.11 technology is used to enable sensing applications; and more in this free virtual event.
Speakers: Tony Xiao Han, Ph.D., Claudio da Silva, Ph.D., and Paul Nikolich

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Industrial Ethernet
This conversation with Dr. George Zimmerman and Paul Nikolich explores how the benefits of connecting the devices by standard protocols (such as Ethernet and IP) continue to grow, not only by enabling Industry 4.0 and 5.0 with widespread wired and wireless solutions, but also new adaptations and standards for Ethernet, such as Single Pair Ethernet, and associated protocols for Time Sensitive Networking, and Wireless applications.
Speakers: Dr. George Zimmerman and Paul Nikolich

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—2020 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment
We’re continuing the discussion on the IEEE family of 802 networking standards, which paved the way for global innovation and connectivity! Our speakers explore the findings of the 2020 Ethernet Bandwidth Forecast, the underlying trends influencing the industry, the diversity of global bandwidth trends, and the potential impact on the various networks that make up today’s world.
Speakers: John D’Ambrosia and Paul Nikolich

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Connecting the World
Celebrate forty years of global impact through IEEE 802 Standards with this virtual panel session. Presenters Paul Nikolich, chairman of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee, and John D’Ambrosia, member of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee, cover topics including new emerging technologies and the role of 802 technologies in connecting the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speakers: John D’Ambrosia and Paul Nikolich