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Check out IEEE Tech Talk: Virtual Panel Series. In this new series of webinars, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with our guests via live Q&A sessions.

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IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—The Radio Regulatory Advisory Group
3 March 2021 | 9am ET
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Missed some of the live events? The previous virtual panel sessions are now available on demand!

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Industrial Ethernet
This conversation with Paul Nikolich and Dr. George Zimmerman explores how the benefits of connecting the devices by standard protocols (such as Ethernet and IP) continue to grow, not only by enabling Industry 4.0 and 5.0 with widespread wired and wireless solutions, but also new adaptations and standards for Ethernet, such as Single Pair Ethernet, and associated protocols for Time Sensitive Networking, and Wireless applications.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Privacy’s Increasing Role in Technology—A View from the IAPP
During the webinar, Chief Information Officer Cathleen Scerbo and Global Strategy Officer Bob Lewis from the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the world’s largest privacy association with over 60,000 members, cover the evolution of privacy, share their perspectives on the overlap between security and privacy, and discuss key topics such as Privacy by Design and the NIST Privacy framework.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—2020 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment
We’re continuing the discussion on the IEEE family of 802 networking standards, which paved the way for global innovation and connectivity! Our speakers explore the findings of the 2020 Ethernet Bandwidth Forecast, the underlying trends influencing the industry, the diversity of global bandwidth trends, and the potential impact on the various networks that make up today’s world.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Connecting the World
Celebrate forty years of global impact through IEEE 802 Standards with this virtual panel session. Presenters Paul Nikolich, chairman of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee, and John D’Ambrosia, member of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee, cover topics including new emerging technologies and the role of 802 technologies in connecting the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Use of Gaming Devices to Stay Connected in Today’s World
Watch this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions for a fun and unique conversation about the use of handheld gaming devices to stay connected in today’s world. Speakers highlight gaming in the tech space and the overall social implications as more non-gamers begin using these technologies to communicate socially.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Future Neural Therapeutics
Watch this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions to learn about key challenges and technological advances in neuroscience that can be used to treat movement and neurological disorders. With the implications of COVID-19 for mental health during and after the pandemic, these advances are becoming even more critical in today’s world.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Daily Challenges of 4G, 5G, and IoT
In this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions, our expert panelists address how 4G and 5G networking communications, as well as the Internet of Things, support our daily lives. They also discuss the current demand challenges that remote working and learning have placed on the existing infrastructure.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Student & Child Data Privacy
In the U.S. alone, over 50 million students are quarantined at home. Parents and children are navigating online instruction and working remotely amid the unprecedented global pandemic. In this virtual panel session with IEEE Standards Association, learn what you can do to support safe, healthy, and effective online interactions.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Personal Digital Twins
In this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions, our speakers address the potential usefulness of digital twins in the context of today’s world—specifically related to epidemic alerts, monitoring, and containment. The panel session also addresses sensitive issues surrounding the technology such as the stigma around the use of personal digital twins and how it may affect our privacy.