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Engineering, Technology, and Professional Development Webinars

A Plan for Impactful Implementation and How You Can Use Microlearning
Unlock the power of microlearning. Learn about what this new trend is all about and how it leverages content effectively. This webinar is ideal for those interested in taking microlearning courses, as well as content developers who wish to make their content available online in the microlearning format.

Global Semiconductors: IEEE Resources and Communities for Those Working in the Semiconductor Industry
Watch this recorded webinar as Fred Schindler, Vice President of IEEE Technical Activities Board, and Kathy Hayashi, Chair of IEEE Future Directions Global Semiconductors, discuss ways that people working in semiconductors globally can navigate relevant IEEE resources and communities.

Investing in Your Future: The Importance of Continuing Education for Engineers
Intended for corporate engineers working in industry, this webinar focuses on the importance of continuing education for engineers. Learn how the IEEE Professional Development Suite can help technical professionals in all levels of their careers expand their knowledge on technical topics, develop business skills, and enhance their leadership capabilities.

Building Ethics into Technical AI Frames
With the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence applications, the imperative of ethical governance for AI systems has become a pressing concern. This lecture addresses four pivotal areas as they relate to artificial intelligence applications: 1) exploration of ethical dilemmas, 2) key notions of algorithmic fairness, 3) basics of privacy-preserving federated learning, and 4) foundations of explainable AI.

Add Value and Attendees to Your Events with IEEE Credentialing
Attract more attendees by adding more value to your conferences and events! Learn about the value of IEEE certificates and digital badges when it comes to technical professionals seeking events that offer professional development hours (PDHs) and continuing education units (CEUs).

Essential Business Skills for Engineers: Bridging the Gap between Business and Engineering
As the global engineering service industry gears up for high growth, the Asia Pacific region is expected to continue playing a vital role in fueling this positive outlook. Watch this exclusive webinar from IEEE and Rutgers Business School that discusses what you can accomplish with the right training and resources.

What You Should Know About the IEEE Learning Network
Whether you’re already familiar with the IEEE Learning Network or are a brand new user, this webinar demonstration will help you learn how to use ILN to continue your professional development.


Engineering the Privacy Paradox
Experts on this industry panel delve into the realm of Privacy-Driven Engineering by exploring the challenges, strategies, and legal and policy considerations to ensure a balanced and responsible integration of AI and cybersecurity.

Leading Your Technical Team: Sharpening Your Skills as a Technical Leader
Whether you’re a seasoned technical leader or have recently moved into a leadership role, watch this webinar about the challenges leaders of technical teams face to learn practical ways to improve your leadership skills.

Empowering Technical Leaders: Strategies to Lead and Inspire Your Team
Watch this discussion with our expert speakers to learn how to improve your own leadership skills through team feedback, as well as how to actively developing and practicing exemplary leadership skills.

Ten Essentials Strategies for Working in Virtual Teams
In-person teaming skills are important in every business sector, but virtual teams require a modified approach. Now that many of us have experienced virtual teaming first-hand, we have witnessed both the good and the bad. Watch this webinar to gain valuable strategies to apply in whatever virtual teaming situation you find yourself.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Academic Research in International Standardization
In many international standards, theoretical knowledge is needed to define requirements and give test procedures. This event provides an overview of the important role academic research plays in standards, along with examples from two IEEE Societies on how academia’s contributions to standardization benefits both sides.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: The Importance of Standards
Our speakers discuss the important role technical standards play in bringing innovation to market; escorting technical development of products; and setting manufacturing process requirements, as well as examples of how IEEE standards are applied for business success.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards— 802.11 Wireless LAN Standards
In this free virtual panel, our experts explore 802.11 Wireless LAN standards for the 6GHz band, the growth of new applications supported by 802.11 based networks, and the coming convergence of 802 Wireless LAN and 3GPP mobile wireless services.

Enhancing Business Operations with Machine Learning
Watch this free event as subject matter expert Grant Scott describes various business applications for machine learning—including how collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data through machine learning can benefit your business.

AI Standards: Ethical Considerations and Best Practices When Implementing AI in Your Organizations
Hear from our speakers, world-renowned future oriented thinker Nell Watson of the Future Society Society at Harvard, and Matt Silveira, IEEE P7002 Working Group Chair, as they share their expertise on AI ethics!

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Emerging Vertical Network Applications
Focusing on the Vertical Applications IEEE 802.24 Technical Advisory Group (TAG), this discussion compares the use of IEEE 802 standards in vertical applications to other standards more oriented towards commercial networks.

Digital Marketing in 2021: Best Practices for B2B and B2C ROI
With a substantial percentage of the world’s workforce now working virtually, using digital marketing to reach technical professionals has become more important than ever. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn best practices for implementing B2B and B2C marketing tactics in 2021.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Emerging Vertical Network Applications
Focusing on the Vertical Applications IEEE 802.24 Technical Advisory Group (TAG), this discussion compares the use of IEEE 802 standards in vertical applications to other standards more oriented towards commercial networks.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—The Radio Regulatory Advisory Group
Our speakers Join our speakers review the ever increasing importance of government regulators and provide an overview of how the IEEE 802 Wireless community works with radio regulatory and spectrum management bodies.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—State of Ethernet
With a history spanning nearly 50 years, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Standard has provided the wired technologies that have helped create the hyper-connected networked world of today. After providing an overview, our speakers discuss current application spaces that depend on Ethernet as well as the future landscape.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Global Health, Wellness, and Technology in a Post-COVID World
COVID-19 brought technology to the forefront to help protect and maintain our health and wellness in 2020. In this free event, we share compelling data from an IEEE global survey that explores how people view the use of sensor technologies to help detect overcrowding, thoughts around self-driving school buses, VR as an acceptable method of patient visitation, and more!

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Ultraviolet Light vs. COVID-19
Learn about how viruses and bacteria can be destroyed by UV light exposure as experts discuss common misconceptions about this technology. Topics covered include applied UV germicidal solutions, as well as how repurposing existing applications may prove effective in new environments in order to meet pandemic-related needs and challenges.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—802.22 TV White Space
In this free event, our panelists discuss TV White Spaces and the award-winning IEEE 802.22 Wi-FAR™ Systems on Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs)—which is a technology that is especially useful for serving less densely populated areas, such as rural areas and developing countries.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—WLAN Sensing
Research on WLAN sensing started at least since the early 2000s and recently WLAN sensing-based solutions begin to be successfully commercialized. Our guest speakers explore potential WLAN sensing applications in home, enterprise, vehicular, and industrial settings; how IEEE 802.11 technology is used to enable sensing applications; and more in this free virtual event.

Technical English: Strategies to Improve Workplace and School Success
Many technical organizations not only require professionals to excel at the technical side of their jobs, but they also expect that their staff is able to present and translate complex ideas in English. Speaker Traci Nathans-Kelly, Ph.D. of Cornell University shares tips on improving your technical English skills.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Industrial Ethernet
This conversation with Paul Nikolich and Dr. George Zimmerman explores how the benefits of connecting the devices by standard protocols (such as Ethernet and IP) continue to grow, not only by enabling Industry 4.0 and 5.0 with widespread wired and wireless solutions, but also new adaptations and standards for Ethernet, such as Single Pair Ethernet, and associated protocols for Time Sensitive Networking, and Wireless applications.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Privacy’s Increasing Role in Technology—A View from the IAPP
As data regulations and laws continue to evolve, organizations require an increased understanding of privacy requirements and their impact on technology solutions. Speakers from the International Association of Privacy Professionals—the world’s largest privacy association with over 60,000 members— cover the evolution of privacy, share their perspectives on the overlap between security and privacy, and discuss key topics such as Privacy by Design and the NIST Privacy framework.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—2020 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment
We’re continuing the discussion on the IEEE family of 802 networking standards, which paved the way for global innovation and connectivity! Our speakers explore the findings of the 2020 Ethernet Bandwidth Forecast, the underlying trends influencing the industry, the diversity of global bandwidth trends, and the potential impact on the various networks that make up today’s world.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: IEEE 802 Networking Standards—Connecting the World
Celebrate forty years of global impact through IEEE 802 Standards with this virtual panel session. Presenters Paul Nikolich, chairman of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee, and John D’Ambrosia, member of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee, cover topics including new emerging technologies and the role of 802 technologies in connecting the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Use of Gaming Devices to Stay Connected in Today’s World
Watch this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions for a fun and unique conversation about the use of handheld gaming devices to stay connected. Speakers highlight gaming in the tech space and the overall social implications as more non-gamers begin using these technologies to communicate socially.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Future Neural Therapeutics
Watch this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions to learn about key challenges and technological advances in neuroscience that can be used to treat movement and neurological disorders. With the implications of COVID-19 for mental health during and after the pandemic, these advances are becoming even more critical in today’s world.

Lessons in Leadership: Preparing the Future Leaders of Your Engineering Workforce
With many people now working from home, it is more important than ever that strong leaders keep the workforce engaged and moving forward. In this free webinar, speakers share tips on bridging the gap between business and engineering in order to prepare for growth into management roles.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Daily Challenges of 4G, 5G, and IoT
In this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions, expert panelists address how 4G and 5G networking communications, as well as the Internet of Things, support our daily lives. They also discuss the current demand challenges that remote working and learning have placed on the existing infrastructure.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Student & Child Data Privacy
In the U.S. alone, over 50 million students are quarantined at home. Parents and children are navigating online instruction and working remotely amid the unprecedented global pandemic. In this virtual panel session with IEEE Standards Association, learn what you can do to support safe, healthy, and effective online interactions.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Personal Digital Twins
In this virtual panel session with IEEE Future Directions, our speakers address the potential usefulness of digital twins in the context of today’s world—specifically related to epidemic alerts, monitoring, and containment. The panel session also addresses sensitive issues surrounding the technology such as the stigma around the use of personal digital twins and how it may affect our privacy.


Discover Techniques and the End-to-End System of 5G Networks
As LTE technology evolves toward 5G, it’s vital for technical professionals and industry leaders to understand how to deliver on the 5G vision and meet consumer demand for higher communication speeds. Presented by experts from Nokia and the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, this webinar highlights 5G performance requirements, future scenarios, and implementation.


The Secrets to Success When Starting Your Own Business
What could your career look like if you moved in an entrepreneurial direction? Starting an engineering business has unique challenges. Gain valuable insight into what it takes to launch your own company and take your networking skills to the next level.


Building Engineering Leaders in the 21st Century
How do you identify emerging engineering leaders in your company and help them acquire skills necessary for engineering success in leadership roles? This webinar will show you how to grow your company’s emerging talent and how to bridge the gap between business and engineering as your team prepares for growth into management roles.

IEEE Guide to Autonomous Vehicle Technology
Automated vehicle (AV) technology offers many potential benefits to drivers. However, there is still some remaining uncertainty about efficacy and usability when users interact with these systems. This webinar addresses this uncertainty as well as covers foundational and practical applications of autonomous, connected, and intelligent vehicle technologies.

Higher Education/University Webinars

IEEE Education Society & IEEE Educational Activities Board’s Teaching Excellence Hub
Learn about the IEEE Teaching Excellence Hub, an online site for curated educational materials and resources for teaching engineering, computing, and technology at the university level.

Best Practices for Service Learning from Past EPICS in IEEE Project Leaders
Led by Leah Jamieson, past 2007 IEEE President and co-founder of EPICS at Purdue University, students and faculty members from past EPICS in IEEE projects discuss what they learned during the process.

AI University Education
This session provides an overview of the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has on education in schools, as well as on teaching in various scientific disciplines at the university level. It also poses the question: Is AI Science and Engineering a separate scientific discipline?


How to Write an EPICS in IEEE Project Proposal
Looking to submit a project proposal? Watch this on-demand recording of the EPICS in IEEE chair discussing the requirements for an EPICS in IEEE proposal, the project review rubric, and tips for how to write an outstanding proposal.

Engineering Education 2.0:
Interviews in the Field (Session #3)

In the third session of this four-part series, we shift focus from the field as a whole and the concept of ”teaching as research” to innovation in practice through the eyes of three thought leaders, who joined us for this free virtual event.

IEEE-HKN X=Factor: A Conversation with Marty Cooper, Father of the Cell Phone
Watch this virtual event to hear from HKN Eminent Member Martin Cooper, an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist, who led the creation of the world’s first cell phone at Motorola—and made the first public call on it.

Presentation Skills for Technical Work: Where Are We Now? Part 2-Professional Work
In Part 2 of this short series covering best practices for engineering, scientific, and business online presentations, take stock of your online presence and learn how to set yourself up for career success through best practices that work online and in-person.

Presentation Skills for Technical Work: Where Are We Now? Part 1-University Work
This short series covers updated information about best practices for engineering, scientific, and business online presentations given the ongoing remote work circumstances. In Part 1, our speakers discusses strategies to help university instructors and students create their best talks in remote learning environments.

Engineering Education 2.0—Approaches to Innovative Instructional Design
The second in a four-part series of webinars, this virtual event introduces methods to evaluate student learning in the context of new and innovative instructional designs. Co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society and the IEEE Educational Activities Board.

Engineering Education 2.0—Models, Methods, and Techniques for Innovation
The first in a four-part series of webinars, this session equips participants with skills to apply best practices and understanding from current STEM higher-education research literature. Co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society and the IEEE Educational Activities Board.

IEEE-HKN Diversity and Inclusion Discussion
Watch this on-demand webinar as IEEE and IEEE-HKN leaders discuss building positive chapters, cultivating attitudes, and leading healthy communities. Panelists include S.K. Ramesh, Ph.D., Karen Panetta, Ph.D., Marcus Huggans, Ph.D., Mel Cossette, and Katelyn Brinker.

Effective Remote Instruction: Reimagining the Student Experience
University faculty and department leaders from around the world were invited to this virtual conference to learn best practices for remote instruction, share their experiences, and network virtually. Watch the recorded sessions on-demand. Taught by experienced university engineering educators and researchers, session topics included hosting effective labs online, managing remote student teams, and self-assessing your remote teaching methods.

IEEE-HKN Pathways to Industry
Panel Session: Graduate School or Work Experience? Which is the Chicken and Which is the Egg?
The transition from school to industry isn’t easy. In the wake of COVID-19, many university students are evaluating or re-evaluating the age old question whether to continue their studies in graduate school or to go into industry and earn a living. Panelists include hiring managers from leading engineering companies as well as a university professor and student.

How to Enhance Your eCurriculum for Distance Learners with e-Resources
School closings around the world have forced academic institutions to move to online learning. Featuring perspectives from a librarian, professor, and publisher, this webinar covers best practices, ideas, tools, and resources needed for an institution to successfully transition to an e-curriculum in order to better support distance learners.

Strategies for Effective Delivery of Online Engineering Courses: Best Practices, Tips, and Toolkits
Many universities have abruptly switched to remote learning modes, effectively doing whatever they can to have some educational presence for all online classes. In the long run, both students and faculty will not be as forgiving on these imperfect measures—and student engagement will falter as a result. This webinar provides tips on how to optimize the learning experience.

IEEE-HKN Pathways to Industry
Panel Session: Changing the World as You Leap from College to Industry: Recruiting Insights and Tips from a TI Engineer
As engineering students approach graduation, concerns about transitioning from college to industry create intimidating roadblocks. Leap over those concerns by listening to this webinar with a recruiting manager and an electrical engineer from Texas Instruments, who shares insight and real-life experiences in starting your new career.

Helping Students Learn via Online Delivery: Considerations for Pandemic Pedagogy
As instructors, a quick shift to online teaching means a myriad of concerns—from technical to pedagogical. However, little attention has been spent helping students shift to becoming better online learners. This webinar outlines considerations for easing the switch to online learning modalities and constructing productive ways for students to learn in these unusual circumstances.

IEEE-HKN Pathways to Industry
Panel Session: Emerging Technologies and the Impact You Can Make
Michael Andrews, president of Andrews & Associates, discusses how the impact you make is driven by four key factors: Imagination, Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Understanding the linkages between industry, products, and applications drives impact.

Online Delivery of Engineering Programs: Tips You Can Use From an Experienced ABET-Accredited Program
In 2013, Arizona State University’s Electrical Engineering program became the first bachelor’s level ABET-accredited engineering program to be available 100% online. In this webinar, Director of the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Stephen Phillips discusses online delivery strategies and techniques for faculty.


Using eLearning to Support Distance Learning
At IEEE, we know that faculty at many universities are suddenly being asked to offer courses exclusively online. As you plan to adapt your engineering and computer science curriculum for a distance learning environment, eLearning courses can be valuable tools to supplement instruction and engage students. In this free webinar, our speakers share tips and techniques that can help you supplement your curriculum and keep students learning.

Pre-University Webinars

TryEngineering & Keysight: Inspiring the Engineers of Tomorrow
Learn how IEEE TryEngineering and Keysight have partnered to build awareness of engineering through lesson plans focused on electronics and the power of simulations.

Inspire Tomorrow’s Innovators with TryEngineering Global Classroom Visits
Join us in connecting engineers and tech professionals with classrooms worldwide through virtual visits. Share your expertise, inspire young minds, and help diversify the STEM workforce.

IEEE TryEngineering Tuesday: Photonics
In this webinar, Jonathan Friedman, Ph.D., the founding Director of the Puerto Rico Photonics Institute, and Natalia Cañas Estrada, a Ph.D. candidate in optical communications at Tyndall National Institute in Ireland, talk about their work, as well as how photonics transforms science into technology.

Why STEM Outreach? Share. Give Back. Inspire.
We’re invested in inspiring the next generation to pursue STEM fields. Listen to IEEE President Kathy Land and our panel of IEEE volunteers share their experiences with STEM education, discuss new resources like the recently launched IEEE Volunteer STEM portal, and more.

IEEE TryEngineering Tuesday: Ocean Engineering
This inaugural IEEE TryEngineering Tuesday virtual event features guest speakers from the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society! Excite your students about the vast possibilities of ocean engineering in which engineers could work on anything from creating autonomous underwater vehicles to inventing devices that track and protect endangered fish.

STEM Outreach: TryEngineering Lesson Plan Toolkit
Presented by Lorena Garcia and Lynn Bowlby, this virtual event provides an overview of the free IEEE TryEngineering Lesson Plan Toolkit, which was developed as a “self-contained, how-to” kit to assist volunteers in conducting easy-to-implement STEM outreach activities for teachers and/or students either in-person or virtually.

TryEngineering Live: Hands-on Design Challenges
Session #6: Rubber Band Racers
This virtual event walks you through how to implement the free “Rubber Band Racers” lesson plan from, which uses everyday materials such as rubber bands and pencils to teach students about engineering design and testing.

TryEngineering Live: Engineer Spotlight with Whurley
Check out this on-demand virtual event featuring Whurley, founder & CEO of Strangeworks, Eisenhower Fellow, and co-author of the book, Quantum Computing for Babies. In this bonus feature interview, Whurley talks about his career in quantum computing, as well as how his startup works toward humanizing quantum.

TryEngineering Live: Engineer Spotlight with Dr. Erik Brewer
A lecturer of biomedical engineering and Chair of Innovation and External Partnerships at Rowan University, Dr. Brewer’s research interests include biomaterials and drug delivery. He is also a polymer scientist at a medical device start-up.

TryEngineering Live: Hands-on Design Challenges
Session #5: eMentoring: STEM Professionals Virtually Supporting Students
Discover the power of mentoring. In this webinar, you’ll find out how to connect pre-university students 1:1 with an active STEM professional for a full year of correspondence-based mentoring on a safe and secure eMentoring platform.

Learn How IEEE Uses STEM eMentoring to Help Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers
Learn about the powerful impact eMentoring can have on a young student’s life while introducing them to STEM careers. IEEE Executive Director and COO Stephen Welby discusses why IEEE invests in pre-university STEM education programs, as well as how this powerful eMentoring program breaks through the barriers of traditional mentoring.

TryEngineering Live: Hands-on Design Challenges
Session #4: Explore the World of Robotics
In this webinar, tour the award-winning Robots Guide from IEEE, a fun interactive site featuring hundreds of real robots. Special guests, Erico Guizzo and Randi Klett, who created the Robots Guide, also walk through a printable set of worksheets for kids to use at home.

TryEngineering Live: Hands-on Design Challenges
Session #3: Electric Lighting
This webinar highlights lesson plans from IEEE REACH, a program that provides free online resources that bring to life the relationship between science, technology, and society through the lens of history! Watch the webinar to learn how your students can make an electric light bulb with a cardboard tube and pencil lead!

TryEngineering Live: Engineer Spotlight with Mariah Manzano and Brianna McGovern
In this Q&A session, we speak to two senior engineering students at Santa Clara University about their studies, what inspired them to pursue engineering, and their final projects: a tourist resource app for the Galapagos Islands and an offline media streaming app for educational use in rural Uganda.

TryEngineering Live: Hands-on Design Challenges
Session #2: Catapults/Machine Learning
This webinar highlights lesson plans from Engineering Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization developed by engineers. Presenters walk through a virtual lesson plan focused on catapults and machine learning as well as on the corresponding Instagram challenge. The challenge allows high school students to engage in a competitive intellectual and creative exercise, while also giving them a way to connect with their peers during a time of physical separation.

TryEngineering Live: Engineer Spotlight with William Oakes
Hear from our guest, William Oakes, a professor of engineering education at Purdue University. William was the first engineer to receive the U.S. Campus Compact Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning. He was also a co-recipient of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering’s Bernard Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education as well as the recipient of the U.S. National Society of Professional Engineers’ Educational Excellence Award.

TryEngineering Live: Hands-on Design Challenges
Session #1: Critical Load
This new virtual event series, TryEngineering Live: Design Challenge, highlights low-cost lesson plans for students ages 5 to 18. This first session focuses on the issues civil engineers face with critical load and how to design a structure to hold excess weight. This lesson uses materials you can find at home.

IEEE Virtual Tech Talk: Student & Child Data Privacy
In the U.S. alone, over 50 million students are quarantined at home. Parents and children are navigating online instruction and working remotely amid the unprecedented global pandemic. In this virtual panel session with IEEE Standards Association, learn what you can do to support safe, healthy, and effective online interactions.

TryEngineering Live: Engineer Spotlight with Burt Dicht
This new virtual event series, TryEngineering Live: Engineer Spotlight, gives a glimpse into the careers and lives of engineers. Hear from our first guest, Burt Dicht, former Lead Engineer at Northrop Grumman and Rockwell Space Transportation Systems Division and current Director of Student & Academic Education Programs for IEEE Educational Activities.

Tips on Engineering eLearning for Pre-University Students
As pre-university schools close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents and teachers are looking for home learning tools. IEEE TryEngineering team members discuss available resources and provide tips and tricks for teaching engineering concepts remotely while engaging students learning from home.


Organizing STEM Activities: A Guide to TryEngineering Lesson Plans
Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or volunteer, TryEngineering resources can help you further inspire kids to explore the STEM fields. In this webinar, our speakers demonstrate how to effectively use the new free Engineering Lesson Plan Tool Kit to teach engineering concepts.

How to Incorporate STEM in the Classroom
Want to introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) into your classroom—or into your child’s life? In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can help foster the next generation of technology innovators by introducing them to STEM at an early age as well as where to find free lesson plans and other resources.


Using STEM eMentoring to Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers
Learn about the powerful impact eMentoring can have on young students by inspiring them to explore STEM career pathways. IEEE Executive Director and COO Stephen Welby discusses why IEEE invests in pre-university STEM education programs such as TryEngineering Together, a new STEM eMentoring program that focuses on 3rd to 5th grade students from high-need communities. You’ll also hear from a volunteer eMentor, who shares first-hand experiences and tips on what to expect when serving as a mentor.

Partner Webinars

Accreditation and Quality of Engineering Education from an ABET Perspective
Presented by: IEEE Kerala Section in association with APJ Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University

Part One
Part Two
Part Three