Finland the Latest Contender in the Global Race to 5G

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The United States, China and South Korea are expected to be among the first to install full 5G networks. However, Finland has just entered the race, and is a strong competitor in terms of agility, speed, and finding new ways to utilize this technology.

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia, once the world’s top mobile phone seller, is gaining momentum in the mobile communications market as a key player making 5G equipment and software. Shares of the company rallied nearly 30 percent in 2018, thanks in part to 5G.

The benefits of 5G include faster connections and lower latency. 5G’s potential goes far beyond quicker downloads, though, with applications in industries from advanced manufacturing to healthcare. Its low latency promise could enable nearly instantaneous communications between autonomous vehicles on the road or connect smart devices inside your home.

Security Concerns

One of the biggest concerns about 5G is the network’s security. Although Chinese operator Huawei denies accusations of spying, it has been banned from building 5G networks in Australia and New Zealand and barred from selling equipment in the United States. Some analysts say that the negative perception of China’s 5G operators is a boon for Nokia.

“With Huawei banned from certain markets, we view Nokia as the only global supplier with an end-to-end solution, as evidenced by leading global carriers choosing Nokia as a partner for 5G deployments,” noted analysts from Canaccord Genuity.

Nokia vice president of research and technology, Lauri Oksanen, says he understands the concerns around 5G and assures that Nokia is committed to taking every step possible to secure its equipment. “We are now connecting not just the people but the whole world and we don’t want the infrastructure to fail because of some security issues,” he said.

Edge in the Driver’s Seat

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