HPE Releases New Platforms that Accelerate Machine Learning


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced the launch of innovative platforms that are expected to speed the development of machine learning models. The first, the HPE Machine Learning Development System, combines machine learning software with compute, accelerators, and networking, which shortens the time it takes to get results from building and training machine learning models from months to just days.

“Enterprises seek to incorporate AI and machine learning to differentiate their products and services, but are often confronted with complexity in setting up the infrastructure required to build and train accurate AI models at scale,” stated Justin Hotard, executive vice president and general manager, HPC and AI, at HPE, in a press release. “The HPE Machine Learning Development System combines our proven end-to-end HPC solutions for deep learning with our innovative machine learning software platform into one system, to provide a performant out-of-the box solution to accelerate time to value and outcomes with AI.”

The second platform, HPE Swarm, combines blockchain technology with the revolutionary learning methods “federated learning” and “swarm learning.” 

What Are Federated Learning and Swarm Learning?

Unlike traditional artificial intelligence (AI) models trained on centralized datasets, federated learning trains models on decentralized datasets. For example, let’s say a model is learning from data on a phone. The model runs on the phone’s data but does not send the actual data to a central server — only insights gleaned from it. This method is much more secure for the owner of the phone. It also makes the system faster and more efficient, because it does not have to send large amounts of data back and forth to a central server. 

However, HP Swarm takes federated learning to a new level by using swarm learning, a subset of federate learning. Instead of relying on a central server, swarm learning uses blockchain, a decentralized digital ledger of transactions that records data by duplicating transactions and dispersing them to “nodes” across the network. As such, swarm learning makes the learning process even more decentralized, secure, and resilient. 

This technology could accelerate machine learning while advancing a large number of applications, particularly within healthcare. As Ledger Insights reported, it could allow cancer research centers across the world to collect valuable data with one another without having to share the actual data. 

“Swarm learning is an important movement in the AI market, with broad support across the public and private sectors, to combine the power of expanding data sets with the innovation and insights from organizations across the globe,” Hotard told VentureBeat.

HP Swarm provides users with containers that are easily integrated with AI models via the HPE swarm API. Users can then instantly share AI model learnings with peers both inside and outside their organization in order to enhance training, without having to share the original data – making it far more secure. 

Swarm learning holds great potential for businesses, since it can enable them to make faster decisions with better results, protect the privacy of their customers, share learnings with other organizations, and advance their data governance.  

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