IEEE Learning Network: Quick and Easy Tips to Help You Find What You Need

With more than 1,300 educational courses available on the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) – not including new content added frequently – finding the right course for you is just a few clicks away.  

Much like other online catalogs, searches can be performed on ILN by entering a keyword or phrase into the Search Catalog field. Appearing at the top of every ILN webpage, this function is a powerful tool that allows you to explore and discover specific courses within the ILN database.


How to Search:

Type your keyword or phrase into the field and click the Search (magnifying glass) icon to display the results on ILN.

Note that clicking the Search icon with a blank (empty) Search Catalog field will result in returning all available items in the catalog.

While searching, consider specific terms, phrases, or keywords commonly associated with the content you are seeking.

Still having trouble finding what you want?

Better refine your searches by enclosing your keyword or phrase within quotation marks. By adding the quotation marks, you signal to the search engine that you want results that match that exact phrase (e.g., “Internet of Things”), rather than the individual words. This will prevent results that contain only one of the words, instead of the full phrase, from appearing.

Quotation marks will help you narrow your search to locate any multi-word phrase but are not needed if you are looking for only single word terms. This trick is also useful for most other online search engines. Not only will quotation marks save you time, but they will also give you better quality search results!

Still not finding content related to your topic of interest? Make a content suggestion by clicking the link at the bottom of any ILN catalog page and sharing your idea.