Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization

Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization from IEEE

About the Game

Educators, students, young professionals looking for a fun and effective way to learn more about working in teams, negotiating and, consensus building need look no further … Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization.

Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization is the first standards development simulation game crafted by experts with 20 + years’ experience in high-stakes, real-world technical standards development.

The game is designed to teach about technical standards and standards development while developing team and negotiation skills.Topics include the importance of standards to industry, fundamentals of standards development, and a case study on standards.

Players participate as members of standards working groups, incorporating roles that reflect the economic, political and technical realities of standards development. (A technical background is NOT required for participation.)

Materials Included for Game Play

Everything is ready for the Game Master to set the stage and take charge:

  • Two videos to play for participants that explain standards development and game play
  • Detailed role descriptions to be handed out
  • Set up instructions for creating effective Working Groups
  • Game Cards to use during run of the game to facilitate participant negotiation and good role play behavior (and some cards to create surprises during the Game, too— just like real life)
  • Plus, Game Masters can speak with an IEEE Expert for support and ideas before and after game play.

How to Purchase a License

Licenses are available for Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization. [click here]

Jennifer McClain

Sr Manager Education Products, Educational Activities