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IEEE Standard 1547 Resources from IEEE


Since Standard 1547 was first created in 2003, technology has become more sophisticated and the modern electric grid has experienced increased levels of penetration. Because there has been significant growth in DER interconnection applications, there have been substantial impacts on utilities, the reliability of the grid, and the quality of electric service to customers. In order to maintain bulk system reliability for the long-term, the standard was revised to establish new DER requirements.

The Introduction to IEEE Standard 1547-2018: Connecting Distributed Resources course program can train your entire technical team on how to best implement the revised standard. Contact an IEEE Content Specialist today to learn more.

IEEE Standard 1547 Resources


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Introduction to IEEE Standard 1547-2018: Connecting Distributed Resources

Are your engineers prepared for the inherent changes of Standard 1547-2018? This revised standard has a significant impact on the design and deployment of all DER systems and adds requirements for “smart inverters.”