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Here’s what’s happening in the world of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology this week:

Forget Self-Driving Cars. Bring Back the Stick Shift.

Are we becoming so reliant on technology that we’re no longer paying attention? A report from the National Traffic Safety Administration finds that one in five drivers have become so reliant on backup aids (audible proximity alerts that emit high-pitched beeps when approaching an object while in reverse) that they’ve experienced a collision or near miss while driving unequipped vehicles. So when fully autonomous vehicles become ubiquitous, will we become even less attentive?

This self-driving AI faced off against a champion racer (kind of)

Science Robotics recently published research that pit an AV against a real racing driver on a course. The question researchers were interested in answering has to do with an AV operating under extreme conditions. If the worst should happen and a car needs to exceed ordinary bounds of handling, can it be trusted to do so? And how would you build an AI agent that can do so?

Self-driving cars, IoT, data science, AI: how Udacity’s nanodegrees are skilling students for jobs in these new-age technologies

Conventional colleges aren’t equipped to educate students on the technologies of the future. Short online courses — nanodegrees — from Udacity are designed to bridge the gap between the demand for engineers and the lack of training available.

Tesla sues Zoox in the latest lawsuit between self-driving car companies

Tesla recently filed lawsuits against four former employees and their new employer, Zoox, accusing them of stealing trade secrets. This isn’t the first lawsuit Tesla has filed against its own employees, and Tesla isn’t the first self-driving carmaker to file such lawsuits.


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