In Case You Missed It: STEM Grads in High Demand

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Wondering what’s going on with the shortage of grads in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) lately? Here’s the latest:

Engineer’s body warns of shortage of skills in sector

Engineers Ireland said the supply of engineering graduates and professional engineering apprentices is simply insufficient to meet the needs of a growing Irish society. The organization has said the demand for engineers is huge, with 6,000 needed to fill roles in the next year alone. However, there’s been a 55 percent decrease in civil and building engineering graduates (those most in demand) over the last five years.

Use apprenticeships to close skills gap

Apprentices see and experience many facets of engineering, practice hands-on skills, and refine technical skills. But apprenticeship often carries the stigma of providing lower-quality career prospects than those achieved from earning a degree. It’s time to shatter this stereotype to meet the growing demand for engineers.

Nashville has largest scarcity of software engineer managers in nation, LinkedIn report says

Tech fields comprised three of the top four most scarce skills in Nashville. To balance out supply and demand, the Nashville Technology Council recently announced a new initiative that will include on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and job placement.

PassRight: US Needs to do More to Attract Foreign Talent as IT Engineer Shortage Continues

An estimated one million technology jobs are predicted to go unfilled in the United States by 2020, and another 1.4 million positions will be open in computing. Currently, on any given day, there are over 10,000 open positions just for full stack software engineers in Silicon Valley alone. Is the solution to bring in foreign talent?

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