Innovation At Work’s Top Five Reads from 2021


Climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic. Cyber security attacks. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data privacy regulations. The shift to 5G. These were all common themes in 2021, and are likely to continue affecting us well into the new year. To learn more, check out our top reads from 2021: 

Four Cyber Security Resolutions to Adopt in the New Year
With cyber crime surging, cyber security became one of 2021’s most urgent issues. In the U.S. alone, McDonalds, Colonial Pipeline, SolarWinds, and JBS Foods were all forced to pay ransomware attackers millions of dollars to gain back access to their data. Considering the risks, organizations need to start being proactive, rather than reactive, about protecting themselves. Consider adopting these four expert-recommended cyber security resolutions in the upcoming year. 

Wind and Solar Almost Quadruple in U.S., Expected to Set Records in 2021
Climate change whipped up plenty of destruction in 2021, but the year also saw hope for renewable energy. With prices falling, wind and solar power are booming in the United States. According to a report from The Washington Post, the amount of energy the country generated from solar and wind almost quadrupled between 2011 and 2020, and accounted for an annual growth of nearly 15 percent when combined with geothermal generation. Read the full article

How Can Local Governments Adjust to the Rapid Shift to 5G?
Despite COVID-19 disruptions, 5G rollouts continued to unfold across the world in 2021. However, these rollouts faced many technical obstacles, such as the fact that 5G cell sites must be installed within relatively short distances from one another. Adding to these challenges, cell sites are not always a welcome feature on rooftops, telephone poles, and utility poles— and many communities are struggling to adjust to them. Last year, David Witkowski, an expert in wireless telecommunications and Co-Chair of the Deployment Working Group at IEEE Future Networks, spoke to IEEE Future Directions about how the shift to 5G will impact local communities and governments. Read a summary of that discussion here

Three Major Trends In Artificial Intelligence (AI) Regulation
AI is increasingly creeping into the lives of ordinary people. Technologies like surveillance, automated applications, and even social media, are increasingly using AI. Governments around the world are starting to pay attention to the potential risks— such as bias and privacy violations— that these systems pose to their citizens. As such, organizations that create or use AI systems need to prepare for regulations. Here are three major trends of which they should take note.

Data Privacy Law Preparation: Four Basic Requirements
With China, the European Union,  Brazil, and several U.S. states all passing some form of data regulation, data privacy regulations are becoming increasingly common. Meanwhile, many organizations are not fully prepared to deal with them. These laws share some common themes, such as giving users greater oversight over their data and its usage. When considering how these regulations may impact their business, organizations should prepare these four common requirements

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Stay Tuned for IEEE Academies

We’re excited to announce the anticipated launch of IEEE Academies in 2022. The program will offer learning journeys in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Grid. IEEE Academies are designed to teach in-demand technical concepts in a new way to IEEE members and technical professionals working in industry.

IEEE Academies are created under the vision and leadership of IEEE Past President Toshio Fukuda via the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education, and in partnership with IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Educational Activities, IEEE Internet of Things Community, IEEE Power & Energy Society, and IEEE Smart Grid Community. 

“Today, technologists are seeking trusted sources to support their long-term and just-in-time learning needs, and this demand will continue to grow in the future. IEEE has a vital role to play in delivering ‘educational value’ to its members,” stated IEEE Past President Toshio Fukuda. 

Visit the IEEE Academies website to learn more and to subscribe for the most up to date information!

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