The IoT Needs Artificial Intelligence

The IoT Needs Artificial IntelligenceThe Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a lot of data. From health information to environmental conditions to warehouse and logistics data, the sheer amount of data produced on a regular basis by IoT devices is far more than any human being can process or make use of in a productive way. Fortunately, there is a solution: artificial intelligence in the form of big data. The IoT needs artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence systems can learn, over time, the patterns and trends that are most important. It can identify when specific events occur which require human intervention.  It can sense security breaches and stop them before they become crises. Simply put, in order for the IoT to grow to its full potential, it needs artificial intelligence.

The cyber security of IoT devices is another big reason why IoT needs artificial intelligence. IoT devices are often created with little to no regard for security, yet they process and transmit a significant amount of personal data, making them a big target for hackers. As hackers become more sophisticated and hacks become more plentiful, artificial intelligence may be the only way to keep up.

Artificial intelligence systems can spot patterns and anomalies in ways that humans can’t, helping cyber security teams stem the tide of cyber attacks that might otherwise steal personal data. In fact, as hackers employ artificial intelligence systems themselves to develop increasingly sophisticated attacks, using artificial intelligence to defeat cyber attacks may be the only way to protect vulnerable systems and the data they contain.

IoT devices can simplify the lives of people, bringing benefits that increase our health and well-being. It’s important to ensure that artificial intelligence is deployed in productive ways to enable people to continue to enjoy the benefits of IoT without the data security risks.

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