Is Trump’s American AI Initiative Bold Enough?

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Since entering office, President Trump’s administration has been continuously advised of the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) development. The President answered with an executive order signed in early February 2019, meant to spur the development and regulation of AI.

There is worry that China, along with other countries like South Korea, Britain, France, and Canada, will surpass the U.S. in developing advanced AI technology since they are making large investments. This technology will one day power the security, automotive and weapons industries. While the United States government does have a few large AI-related projects in the worse, experts believe the top talent in the field will go toward commercial products, like Google and Amazon.

Trump’s American AI Initiative moves us closer, but it is not nearly as bold as many had hoped. Experts in the field point out that the initiative is light on specifics. It’s aimed at improving education, cloud computing and data services, and foreign power relationships; but does not look at the long-term need for advancement. It contains little information on how the United States will continue to improve the technology and keep track of the progress.

Is Your Organization Ready for AI?

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