Living on the Edge of the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is ever expanding, with billions of touchpoints constantly requiring attention. Eventually, only cost-effective edge infrastructure will be able to keep up with IoT data processing. The local analytics of edge computing mean faster response times, reduced storage costs, and optimum use of bandwidth, while also supporting data privacy and compliance requirements. The edge computing market is poised to impact a number of industries that demand low-latency and high-availability connectivity.

Innovations on the Edge

Casino Gaming: Edge computing could transform the casino gaming industry. IT service provider Zunesis is currently testing a video analytics app installed near a casino video surveillance camera that uses edge computing to sense when someone under the age of 21 sits down at a card table and triggers an alarm to prompt a spotter on the casino floor to check the person’s ID. Previously, the video feed would have to be analyzed in a room with feeds on multiple screens. According to Zunesis CEO Steve Shaffer, the video analytics app has the potential to save casinos millions of dollars in fines.

Civil Law Enforcement: Research shows that police body cameras can dramatically reduce the number of complaints against officers. As a result, use of body cameras in police forces is expected to increase. Body cameras with edge technology would allow for an officer’s video feed to be compressed and encoded locally, sending short bursts of video to a local edge center. The upload process would be faster and reduce pressure on a central network, which would minimize the chances of data loss or damage.

Smartphones: Smartphones are also making use of the edge. The A11 Bionic chip in Apple’s new iPhone X uses edge technology to power its face identification feature. Previously, the artificial intelligence (AI) used in smartphones (primarily voice recognition for digital assistants) has been powered by the cloud.

Training on the Edge

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