New Course Program Now Available: AI and Ethics in Design

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Design from IEEE Educational ActivitiesBe among the first to bring Part 1 of IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Design to your employees!

Led by thought leaders in AI, philosophy and policy management fields, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Design is a five-course training from IEEE Continuing Professional Education. It will educate and empower professionals to practically implement ethical considerations when developing intelligent and autonomous products and services.

Why Choose This Training?

As technology advances, the need for ethical guidance will only increase. Technologists, engineers and programmers will be challenged with balancing the protection of privacy, autonomy and other values against the need for innovation and technological progress.

In every industry, we need ethical principles to navigate the challenges of artificial intelligence. According to Mark MacCarthy, SVP, Public Policy, Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), and a panelist at the recent Global Privacy Summit of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), “AI must be developed in a way that promotes transparency and fairness, that’s available to all, and that doesn’t reinforce existing inequalities.”

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Design is intended to help professionals leverage the power of AI while minimizing the risk. Participants will explore:

How To Enroll Now

Taught by the world’s leading experts, Artificial Intelligence & Ethics in Design is perfect for industry professionals focused on integrating artificial intelligence and autonomous systems within their companies. Upon successful completion, participants earn CEUs/PDHs for maintaining engineering licenses. 

If you’re an individual, learn more here. For corporate packages and pricing, learn more about speaking with an IEEE Content Specialist.


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