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Are you looking for career advancement opportunities or thinking about a career change? Are engineers in your organization moving into management roles for which they could be better prepared?

Check out this collection of posts about mentoring, employee training, the engineering job market, and more!



Five In-Demand Technical Skills That Can Advance Your Career – IEEE Education Week 

The year 2022 should prove to be a hot job market for those with the right technical skills. With thousands ...
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Innovation At Work’s Top Five Reads from 2021

Climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic. Cyber security attacks. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data privacy regulations. The shift to 5G. These ...
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Four Challenges Leaders Should Plan for in 2022 

The new year will usher in both new and familiar problems for organizational leaders. Many people have been hopeful about ...
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Six Ways To Improve Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created major disruptions for business leaders, including a sudden shift to digital transformation. This change has ...
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Advance Your Career— Join IEEE Education Week 

As pandemic-related lockdowns ease, companies are ramping up hiring, and many are looking for candidates who have skills in emerging ...
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The Most Exciting Technical Job Opportunities for New Grads

Information technology (IT) offers some of the most exciting technical job opportunities for new graduates. Not only do computer science ...
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A Simple Concept That Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to shift their digital transformation goals. (more…) ...
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New Technical Skills Are In Demand. Join IEEE Education Week

Technical professionals need to prepare for a future where skill sets are constantly evolving. The World Economic Forum’s “The Future ...
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Want to Learn New Skills for the Digital Era? Join IEEE Education Week 

Remote work and digital transformation are rapidly reshaping the workplace. They are also creating demand for organizations to hire professionals ...
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Get the Educational Resources You Need and Celebrate with IEEE Education Week

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we work and learn in a short period. Despite the best efforts of ...
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IEEE | Rutgers Mini-MBA for Engineers

Developed by IEEE science and technology experts along with Rutgers University faculty, the IEEE | Rutgers Mini-MBA for Engineers is a flexible online program designed for engineers and technical professionals. This fast-paced, instructor-led program is based on real-world business and engineering practices. Learn More!

IEEE English for Engineering

Consisting of more than 45 hours of online training to enhance English communication skills, this interactive program was created by IEEE in partnership with Cambridge University Press. Learn More!