Securing the Internet of Things from Cyber Attack is Critical

Securing the Internet of Things is CriticalThe Internet of Things is transforming industries. Healthcare devices collect personal information and share it to help doctors make better healthcare decisions for patients. Logistics and manufacturing can improve efficiencies and identify potential problems quickly. And that’s just the beginning. Just about every industry can be transformed through strategic implementation of the Internet of Things.

But there’s a catch. All of these devices function by collecting and sharing data. And that data is a goldmine to potential hackers. The Internet of Things, which is often created by third party manufacturers who may not take security seriously enough, is creating numerous access points for malicious cyber attacks.

Microsoft has just released a white paper called Cybersecurity Policy for the Internet of Things, which addressed the important steps in creating a policy to protect networks. You can read the whitepaper and corresponding blog post on the Microsoft blog.

Cyber security for the Internet of Things is an issue that must be addressed now in order to prevent future attacks that steal data and paralyze industry. How is your organization preparing to implement the Internet of Things securely? Please share with us in the comments.

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