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IoT Data Privacy

IoT and Data Privacy

The Internet of Things (IoT) can produce massive amounts of data. This data has to be transmitted, processed in some way, and then potentially stored somewhere, hopefully securely. (Pollmann, 2017) Much of this data is personal data, and some can be quite sensitive. This brings data privacy questions to the forefront. How secure is the […]

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medical device cyber security

Medical Device Cyber Security is Essential

No one wants to imagine that their pacemaker or insulin pump can be hacked when their life depends on the proper functioning of these medical devices. However, a recent Ponemon Institute survey discovered that 67 percent of medical device manufacturers and 56% percent of Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) think an attack on a medical device […]

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IoT and Insurance: How IoT Data Will Transform an Industry

IoT and Insurance: How IoT Data Will Transform an Industry

The insurance industry has always tried to assess risk: how likely is it that something bad will happen? This assessment is based on a number of demographic and other factors that help insurers decide how much risk is involved, and how much premiums will cost. With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), however, […]

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The Benefits of Smart Cities: IEEE Innovation at Work

What’s Next for Enterprise-Level Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things at an enterprise level needs to be driven by strong vision at the C-level, says Chris Penrose, president of AT&Ts Internet of Things organization. In a recent article in IOT Journal, he laid out some trends for 2017 that will drive enterprise adoption of IOT technology. Some key points in the […]

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