The Most Exciting Technical Job Opportunities for New Grads


Information technology (IT) offers some of the most exciting technical job opportunities for new graduates. Not only do computer science and IT jobs offer higher salaries than many other careers, with a median salary of $91,250 USD, they are also expected to deliver 13% career growth by 2030, reports ZDNet. According to the tech news site, the top IT positions in 2021 include:

Computer and Information Systems Managers: Graduates who pursue this field can expect an average annual salary of $151,150 USD with expected job growth of 11% over the next decade. Computer and information system managers oversee “teams that protect network security, install new software, and organize databases,” writes Genevieve Carlton in ZDNet. These professionals often hold degrees related to IT management or management information systems.

Computer and Information Research Scientists: Those who pursue careers in this field can expect to make an average annual salary of $126,830 USD with job growth of around 22% over the next decade. These professionals “run experiments on computer operations and work closely with other technology professionals to solve computing problems,” writes Carlton. They typically studied computer science, information systems, computer engineering, or a related field.

Computer Network Architects: Individuals who pursue this career option can expect to make an average annual salary of $116,780 USD with a job growth of around 5% over the next ten years. These professionals develop “custom data communication systems,” including small networks and cloud computing platforms, according to Carlton. “In addition to technical skills, they bring business training to evaluate an organization’s needs and create a network that serves those needs,” she writes. These professionals typically graduate with degrees in computer science and IT while studying network security, database administration, and systems administration.

Employers In India Seek Data Scientists

Data science job opportunities are becoming increasingly popular among employers in India, which is expected to have 11 million job openings for data science professionals by 2026, reports Vaamanaa Sethi in Business Insider. However, according to a report by the edtech platform Great Learnings, 92% of hiring managers in India did not have enough of these professionals to hire over the last several years.

“The Great Learning report further reveals that 57% of the hiring managers believed that the gap between supply and demand exists at the entry level or fresher level while 27% of them believe that the talent gap exists in the mid-level roles of team lead and project management, which highlights the need to upskill both early stage and mid-career professionals with enterprise-specific use cases of data science,” Sethi writes.

Students studying technology-related fields may find a degree alone isn’t enough to land an entry-level job in the ever-evolving market. Given this reality, it’s important that they seek opportunities to upskill in new and emerging technologies.

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