What Is IEEE Standard 1547?

IEEE Standard 1547™ was created in 2003 to establish a technical standard for interconnecting distributed energy resources (DER) with electrical power systems (EPSs).

Since Standard 1547 was first created, technology has become more sophisticated and the modern electric grid has experienced increased levels of penetration. Because there has been significant growth in DER interconnection applications, there have been substantial impacts on utilities, the reliability of the grid, and the quality of electric service to customers. In order to maintain bulk system reliability for the long-term, the standard was revised to establish new DER requirements.

After undergoing an extensive revision process, Standard 1547-2018 went into effect as of August 2018. The revised standard leverages the capabilities of inverter-based DERs and allows them to operate like conventional generators. By providing requirements relevant to performance, safety considerations, and the maintenance of interconnection, the standard determines how DER devices are designed and tested. It will also define how DER will be integrated into the power system going forward.

The revised standard removes limitations from the original standard, which allows it to:

  • Unlock the advanced features of DER (such as smart inverter functionality).
  • Significantly impact the design and deployment of all DER systems.
  • Mitigate many DER impacts.
  • Enhance bulk power system reliability.
  • Change the testing standards for critical power generation systems in order to create harmonized interconnection requirements and offer flexible performance requirements.

The revision will also aid utilities in solar integration. For example, it clarifies how DER can support microgrid islanding, provides performance categories for voltage regulation, and gives guidance for grid support under abnormal conditions.

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