Why Communication is the Most Sought-After Skill in the Workplace Today

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Communication skills are highly sought after in the workplace and sorely lacking in the United States. According to LinkedIn data, it’s the biggest unfulfilled need among American businesses today. The data shows that companies are in need of 1.4 million more people who can communicate and connect with others effectively. The next biggest need is software engineers.

Communication is a skill that benefits employees in any role, from project managers to sales professionals and more. Collaborating with others, communicating complicated project details, and translating the value of complex products to customers all involve communication.

Effective communication comes down to these four factors:

  • Listening: The ability to listen, understand others’ point of view, and react accordingly are key components of great communicators.
  • Being clear and concise: Ensuring that others can easily understand what you are communicating, whether in person, by email, on video conference, or by any other medium, requires the ability to be both clear and concise.
  • Possessing emotional intelligence: In the midst of office disagreements, it’s important to be able to understand others’ emotions without getting emotional yourself.
  • Business acumen: Even the best communicators in the world must understand the needs of the business and think beyond their own role and needs in order to push the business forward.

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