How Professional Development Programs Help Engineers and Others Succeed

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Professional development can help today’s engineers that are looking to improve through educational opportunities and advanced degrees. Licensed engineers are also required to keep up with the latest trends and how they change the industry in order to maintain their various licenses.

However, in a recent survey of Machine Design magazine readers, 58 percent said their employers do not assist in their progress toward further education. Instead, engineers must rely on white papers, webinars, articles, magazines, websites, and other similar materials to stay on top of engineering advancements.

With the help of corporate professional development programs, employees have an advantage over engineers who are left to seek out educational opportunities on their own, since they gain access to training they might not have otherwise known about or sought out themselves.

It’s not just employees who reap the rewards of professional development. Corporate-sponsored employee development programs are mutually rewarding, helping employers to:

  • Improve employee performance.
  • Build employee confidence with a stronger understanding of the industry.
  • Keep employees on the cutting-edge of industry developments and inspire new ideas.
  • Address employee weaknesses and ensure employee teams have similar skills and knowledge.
  • Encourage teamwork, as employees with the same training are able to take over for one another as needed.
  • Create job satisfaction by showing employees that they’re valued.
  • Strengthen the company’s position as a leader and competitor within the industry.

For Highly  Educated and Skilled Engineers

Engineers that attain higher levels of education are better trained and have the essential skills in their professions. That’s why IEEE is committed to providing training that’s highly relevant to what engineers and other technical professionals need to know. Upon successful completion of courses, engineers receive CEUs/PDHs that can be used toward professional licenses. Explore learning and career enhancement opportunities in the Xplore Digital Library, your resource for advanced technology content that only IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, can provide. Get a quote for a subscription to our eLearning Library today.


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