Automotive Cyber Security: Protecting the Vehicular Network

As the automotive industry continues to work on intelligent and autonomous vehicles, there is a need to better comprehend the safety and security of this connected technology. The IEEE five-course program, Automotive Cyber Security: Protecting the Vehicular Network, aims to foster the discussion on automotive cyber security solutions and requirements for not only intelligent vehicles, but also the infrastructure of intelligent transportation systems.

Technical professionals need to understand the cyber security challenges, possible solutions, and methodology to finding the security requirements needed during the design and development of automotive technology. This course program investigates cyber security issues and solutions as well as how blockchain technology applies to automotive applications. It also provides in-depth knowledge of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting vehicular data and its impact on security, the economy, and safety into the future.

Developed by leading experts in autonomous vehicle technology, course titles include:

  • Evolution of Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Connected Vehicle Communication
  • Securing Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Using Blockchain Technology to Secure Autonomous Vehicles
  • Collecting, Analyzing, and Interpreting Vehicular Data
Upon completion of this course program, technical professionals will understand:
  • The most important aspects of the automotive cyber security evolution.
  • The implementation process of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication systems to work with autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.
  • The analysis and interpretation process of vehicular data on automotive technology.

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