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Automated vehicle (AV) technologies are developing rapidly, and promise to improve driving safety. While these advanced technologies offer potential benefits to drivers, uncertainty remains about efficiency and usability when users interact with these systems. Automated driving systems allow the vehicles to take over every aspect of driving and take you where you need without any effort on your part. This technology takes out the human error aspect of driving which increases the safety in most circumstances, but not all. There is a gap between vehicles with this technology and vehicles that are still controlled by humans. There are uncertainties to all innovative technologies, but AV technologies will prove to increase driving safety overall. 

The advancements in automated vehicle technology will impact day-to-day business and operations for academic, corporate, and government organizations. In order to keep up with this quickly changing world, you will want to stay up-to-date with the new autonomous vehicle improvements. IEEE Fundamentals of Autonomous Vehicle Technology covers foundational and practical applications of autonomous, connected, and intelligent vehicle technologies. Learn more how your organization can benefit from IEEE training here.

Autonomous Vehicles Resources

AVs picture of driverless car vehicle sensors

Engineers Wanted for the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Significant resources are being allocated to the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs), which creates enormous opportunity for engineers. Companies in ...
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autonomous vehicles AV AVs driverless car self-driving cars

AI is Driving AVs, but Whose Ethics are Driving AI?

Many academics struggle with the ethics behind the artificial intelligence (AI) that drives autonomous vehicles (AV), but AV makers would ...
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Automobile sensors use in self-driving cars:camera data with pictures Radar and LIDAR Autonomous Driverless Car IEEE Guide to AV Technology

LIDR is the Latest Game-Changing Advancement for Autonomous Vehicles

After leaving Apple last year, engineers Souroush Salehian and Mina Rezk co-founded Aeva in Mountain View, California, and recently unveiled ...
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autonomous vehicle camera self driving school bus av safety driverless accidents

Here Comes the Autonomous School Bus

New this year in Cache Valley, Utah, is a one-of-its-kind school bus equipped with additional safety features, including a camera ...
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blockchain self driving cars autonomous vehicles blockchain cyber security hacking the blockchain how easy or hard is it

Hack-Resistant Blockchain Could be the Solution to AV Security Challenges

By 2040, up to 75% of vehicles on the road will be automated to some degree. This swift increase in ...
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connected systems driverless car accidents AV accident AV courses autonomous training

Who’s Responsible for an Autonomous Vehicle Accident?

Driver error causes 94% of conventional (non-autonomous) car crashes. Both fully and partially autonomous vehicles (AVs) could improve that number ...
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AV, autonomous cars, autonomous vehicles, IoT, internet of things

Holding AVs Accountable for Driver Safety Depends on Advancements in the IoT

The smartphone technology that we can’t seem to live without may be the same technology that could actually save our ...
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self driving technology automated vehicles autonomous vehicles AV

Autonomous Vehicles for Today and for the Future

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is set to become the biggest disruptor the automotive industry has seen in the past century ...
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smart car av autonomous vehicles self-driving

Will You Trust an AV to Make All the Driving Decisions?

While the technology behind autonomous vehicles (AV) is progressing, some say public AV availability for general use is at least ...
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driverless cars predictive maintenance AV training design ethics

How Will Car Maintenance Evolve In the Autonomous Vehicles Era?

Imagine the day when your car not only diagnoses its own maintenance needs, but schedules its own appointment and then ...
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