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One of the biggest frontiers in electrical engineering today is the development and implementation of smart grid technology. Fueled by the global demand for greener technologies and alternative fuels, environmentally-friendly smart grid technology has the ability to stimulate stagnated economies and change the way power is delivered to electricity consumers around the world.

Virtually every crucial economic and social function depends on the secure, reliable operation of power and energy infrastructures. Energy, electric power, telecommunications, transportation and financial infrastructures have become increasingly interdependent, posing new challenges for their resilient and efficient operation. All of these interdependent infrastructures are complex, geographically dispersed, non-linear, and interacting both among themselves and with their human owners, operators and users.

Coming soon from IEEE, Modernizing the Smart Grid is a 4-course program designed to get you and your team up to speed quickly on the latest Smart Grid technologies. Learn more how your organization can benefit from IEEE training here.

Smart Grid Resources


Honda and GM Research Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid with Blockchain

In late May, Honda Motor Company and General Motors announced a partnership to conduct a joint blockchain research project on ...
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Global smart grid projections 2020 future trends grid modernization

Global Smart Grid Projections for 2020

Technology changes, growing electricity demand, emission concerns, and supportive policies are spurring grid development projects globally. After all, electricity consumption ...
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IEEE power and energy pes renewable energy sources wind turbine

Renewable Power Sources Are Gaining Traction Around the World

Climate change is threatening to take a catastrophic toll on humans in the next century, and increasing renewable power sources ...
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Meet the Game Changer in Offshore Wind Farming

Windmills in a row on cloudy weather wide shot denmark Construction of the first major offshore wind farm in the ...
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Top skills employee professional development on-demand courses team training

7 New Skills You Can Now Learn with the IEEE eLearning Library

With the New Year comes new eLearning opportunities for your team to learn critical skills in emerging technologies. At IEEE, ...
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innovation at work smart grid cybersecurity grid modernization cyber security

How Secure is the Smart Grid?

Because it’s so huge and so dependent on digital communication and computerized control software, the United States electricity grid is ...
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Solar panels with wind turbines and electricity clean energy New Mexico smart grid electricity demand

NSF Awards $20M Grant for New Mexico Smart Grid Research

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced a five-year $20 million grant for New Mexico’s SMART Grid Center. The grant ...
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smart grid modernization electrical grid power industry holistic solutions power and energy

3 Real-Life Examples of the Positive Impact of Smart Grid Data Analysis

Legacy technology has stalled the full potential of the smart grid, making the act of processing the volume of smart ...
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smart grid power lines hurricanes hurricane florence electricity grid puerto rico

Wanted: A Stronger Power Grid that Stands Up to Natural Disasters

A full year has passed since Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico’s 3.3 million residents without power. Just last month, the ...
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edge computing smart grid grid modernizing what is cloud vs edge

5 Factors Affecting Future Electricity Demand

From 1987-1997, electricity demand in the United States jumped over 25%. In the following decade, demand increased by 18%. But ...
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Smart Grid Training

Modernizing the Smart Grid

IEEE Continuing and Professional Education offers practical online training to educate professionals on the impact of grid modernization.

  • Earn valuable CEUs and PDHs for your engineers
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