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cybersecurity issues cyber attacks cyber security cryptojacking cyber training engineering courses on cyber

What Is a Cyber Security Maturity Model?

A cyber security maturity model provides a path forward and enables your organization to periodically assess where it is along that path. This can be a valuable tool for improving your cyber security efforts, as well as for communicating with upper management and getting necessary ...
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blockchain manufacturing industry block chain explained what is blockchain corporate blockchain private ledger private blockchain decentralization explained

5 Ways Manufacturers are Using Blockchain for their Supply Chains

The supply chain, the foundation of every manufacturing business, is the first area of blockchain implementation, where it will have a positive effect on efficiency, order accuracy, product quality and track-and-traceability. This will enable manufacturers to meet delivery dates, improve product quality and increase sales ...
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artificial intelligence ethics ai courses ai certification ai experts john havens

AI in the Workplace: Benefits for Business Mergers

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises benefits in the workplace, such as increased efficiency, improved working conditions and even a smoother business merger. Before the Deal Mergers and acquisitions hit an all-time high in the first half of 2018, with a global deal value of $2.51 trillion ...
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innovation at work smart grid cybersecurity grid modernization cyber security

How Secure is the Smart Grid?

Because it’s so huge and so dependent on digital communication and computerized control software, the United States electricity grid is difficult to defend. And as a growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices continue to connect to smart grid systems, the number of potential ...
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Smart contract agreement, blockchain and cryptocurrency, business network concept.

Why Blockchain Has Such a Promising Future in Healthcare

Medical errors are estimated to be the third leading cause of death for Americans, which means improvements in the handling of health data is time critical. The inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditures of the American healthcare system scream for the secure, high-integrity, neutral third party nature ...
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Women in Cyber Security

There’s a Numbers Problem in Cyber Security and Women are the Solution

Currently, women make up only 20% of the cyber security workforce. With the massive shortage of cyber security professionals today, up to 3.5 million job openings are expected by 2021. That means there’s a clear opportunity for women to fill both the gender and talent ...
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Automobile sensors use in self-driving cars:camera data with pictures Radar and LIDAR Autonomous Driverless Car IEEE Guide to AV Technology

LIDR is the Latest Game-Changing Advancement for Autonomous Vehicles

After leaving Apple last year, engineers Souroush Salehian and Mina Rezk co-founded Aeva in Mountain View, California, and recently unveiled its 4D LIDAR system. They say this next generation version of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is superior to what is found in most ...
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engineering training team training group discounts best blockchain training best blockchain courses

10 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Blockchain for Your Business

Blockchain has been dubbed the biggest disrupter since the internet. It has huge potential to improve numerous industries. Possible benefits include reduced costs, elimination of data duplication, increased transaction speed and greater resilience. As blockchain breaks free of its cryptocurrency mold, many businesses are ...
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AI advancements artificial intelligence human resources innovation at work ai ethics

Is AI the New HR?

Nearly all Fortune 500 companies use some form of automation in hiring, which is perfectly legal, but is it ethical? That’s the question Ifeoma Ajunwa is asking. The Cornell University sociology and law professor is concerned about the potential for bias when using artificial intelligence ...
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