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professional development hours ieee certificates continuing education units PDHs CEUs engineers license building construction

6 Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Employees Professional Development Certificates

There are lots of reasons why employees may want to earn professional development certificates – validation of expertise, added prestige, a pay increase and better chance of promotion, to name a few. But why should employers offer certificates? Here’s Why

  1. Greater Appeal: Offering professional ...
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smart grid power lines hurricanes hurricane florence electricity grid puerto rico

Wanted: A Stronger Power Grid that Stands Up to Natural Disasters

A full year has passed since Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico’s 3.3 million residents without power. Just last month, the island’s power authority announced electricity had been fully restored. However, some residents were still waiting. But work on building a stronger electric grid in Puerto ...
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blockchain self driving cars autonomous vehicles blockchain cyber security hacking the blockchain how easy or hard is it

Hack-Resistant Blockchain Could be the Solution to AV Security Challenges

By 2040, up to 75% of vehicles on the road will be automated to some degree. This swift increase in autonomous vehicles (AVs) presents a new and significant challenge: how to process, store and protect the expansive volumes of data created by AVs and ...
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edge computing smart grid grid modernizing what is cloud vs edge

5 Factors Affecting Future Electricity Demand

From 1987-1997, electricity demand in the United States jumped over 25%. In the following decade, demand increased by 18%. But since then, electricity use has been flat, stuck right around 4 trillion kilowatt hours per year. Just before the recession hit in 2006, the U.S ...
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edge computing cloud computing edge iot differences between edge and cloud computing what is cloud computing

3 Ways Edge Computing Gives Classroom Learning a Boost

Edge computing is all about processing data locally, bolstering visuals, response time, and confidence. The edge brings high-performance computing power right to where the action is, a huge advantage for time-sensitive applications. As the education sector learns to leverage the power of classroom devices, edge ...
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cyber security threats cybersecurity attacks 2018 enterprise cyber attacks

The Next Big Threat in Cyber Security

For all the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI), it also has the potential for extreme disadvantage, as cyber security researchers recently revealed at the Black Hat USA 2018 security conference. Just as AI has made it possible for iPhones to automatically recognize faces and unlock ...
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engineering resume engineering jobs resume writing tips technical resume examples

5 Get-Noticed Resume-Writing Tips for Mid- to Senior-Level Engineers

To be considered for top engineering jobs, a comprehensive resume is essential. And just because you’re in a mid- or senior-level position doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a few pointers for dusting off that old resume to ensure it piques hiring managers’ interest, especially in ...
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what is cyber insurance and why do you need it, benefits of cyber insurance, corporate cyber security, ieee 2018

Why Cyber Insurance Shouldn’t Be Your Only Source of Protection Against an Attack

Cyber insurance is a relatively new field. As such, it’s open to all sorts of confusion and misunderstanding. That’s what the Virginia-based National Bank of Blacksburg is learning. The bank and its insurer, Everest National Insurance Co., are in the midst of a legal battle ...
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Blockchain IoT security

5 Sectors Exploring New Ways of Doing Business with Advanced Blockchain

Removing fraud and trust from the equation, blockchain technology verifies, records and coordinates transactions autonomously without the need for third parties. It implies the role of intermediaries will diminish, which has a critical impact on legacy market players, whose business model is often based on ...
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