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Professional development programs engineers engineering pdh ceu continuing education classes best technical training

How Professional Development Programs Help Engineers and Others Succeed

Today’s engineers are always looking to improve through educational opportunities and advanced degrees. Licensed engineers are also required to stay up to date on the latest innovations and how they change the industry in order to maintain their various licenses. However, in a recent survey ...
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In Case You Missed It: Smart Grid in the News

Here’s what’s happening with smart grid development around the world right now: Federal government spends $11.8M for smart grid technology in Sault Ste. Marie An investment in smart grid technology offers a glimpse into the clean energy future of historic Sault Ste. Marie. It will ...
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Can artificial intelligence prevent school violence

Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent School Violence?

More and more frequently, schools across the United States are turning to artificial intelligence-backed solutions to stop tragic acts of student violence. Companies like Bark Technologies,, and Securly, Inc., are using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) along with trained ...
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cyber security fundamentals cybersecurity regulations

3 Fundamentals of Effective Cyber Security for Every Business

As network infrastructure becomes more complex, ensuring effective cyber security becomes more challenging. Hybrid or multi-cloud set-ups with servers, applications, and data spread across the country and around the world over the internet have taken the place of racks of servers stashed away somewhere ...
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GDPR european data privacy regulations opt in unsubscribe gdpr

GDPR Forcing Marketers to Put Privacy First

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing marketers to address privacy policies with consumers, something previously avoided at all costs by some. GDPR requires marketers to be more intentional and transparent about how they collect and use customer information, giving consumers a sense of ...
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Autonomous self-driving car is recognizing road signs. Computer vision and artificial intelligence concept.

Toyota Aims to Start Selling Self-Driving Cars Next Year

Toyota, Japan’s biggest carmaker, plans to introduce vehicles that are capable of driving themselves on highways as early as 2020. But before that happens, there’s the task of developing hardware and software, dramatically slashing costs, and ramping up hiring of software engineers to make it ...
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ai artificial intelligence ieee ai ethics course program

Is Trump’s American AI Initiative Bold Enough?

Experts have long called on President Trump’s administration to make development of artificial intelligence (AI) a major priority. The President answered with an executive order signed in early February 2019, meant to spur development and regulation of AI. There is concern that the United States ...
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Can Blockchain Solve the Internet’s Privacy Problem?

How secure do you feel about divulging private information online? If you’re like most, sharing that information can leave you feeling a bit unsettled. Especially in the wake of Facebook’s recent privacy scandals. Blockchain technology could be the answer, allowing people to take back control ...
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ieee english for engineering engineer training communication skills for engineers

Why Communication is the Most Sought-After Skill in the Workplace Today

Communication skills are highly sought after in the workplace and sorely lacking in the United States. According to LinkedIn data, it’s the biggest unfulfilled need among American businesses today. The data shows that companies are in need of 1.4 million more people who can communicate ...
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