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    Ideal for technical professionals who need to understand automotive cyber security evolution, this five-course program explores cyber security issues, vehicular data collection, and automotive applications of blockchain technology.
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European Union Considering “De Facto Global Standard” for AI

The European Union (EU) has proposed a first-ever comprehensive legislative package to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). As The National Law Review reports, the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) will “establish a risk-based framework for regulating use of AI anywhere within the EU, including by organizations based ...
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Advance Your Career— Join IEEE Education Week 

As pandemic-related lockdowns ease, companies are ramping up hiring, and many are looking for candidates who have skills in emerging technologies. Are you preparing accordingly to advance your career? HR Drive reported that employers posted 360,065 tech positions in October, which is the highest monthly ...
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New Method Could Help Machine Learning Models Make Better Decisions 

Machine learning models often rely on the simple features of a dataset to make decisions. Known as “shortcuts,” these types of decisions can lead to serious errors. For example, these shortcuts can cause models to make inaccurate medical diagnoses. However, a recent study from MIT ...
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Hackers Intensify Attacks On Tech Companies and Universities  

The hacking syndicate known as Nobelium— the group behind a large number of breaches in the U.S. government and private companies this year, including the notorious SolarWinds attack— has amplified attacks on tech companies in recent months, according to cyber security experts at Microsoft. “Nobelium ...
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What’s the Difference Between Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11ac and IEEE 802.11ax?

While wireless networking standards IEEE 802.11ac and IEEE 802.11ax are related, there are some major differences. Both standards fall under IEEE 802.11, which is the set of standards that define communication for wireless local area networks (WLANs). The 802.11ac standard is 802.11ax’s predecessor. Also known ...
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How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Healthcare 

From patient-centric hospital networks to higher quality medicine, blockchain technology is revolutionizing healthcare in a number of ways. As discussed in previous posts, blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger of transactions that records data in a way that prevents hacking and altering of data by ...
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Innovative Renewable Projects Pave Way to Zero Carbon Electricity Generation

Global temperatures are soaring. Since pre-industrial times, human activity has warmed the planet global by 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Any further warming could be potentially catastrophic. Integrating renewable sources such as wind and solar into energy grids is vital to helping governments reach zero carbon electricity ...
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The Most Exciting Technical Job Opportunities for New Grads

Information technology (IT) offers some of the most exciting technical job opportunities for new graduates. Not only do computer science and IT jobs offer higher salaries than many other careers, with a median salary of $91,250 USD, they are also expected to deliver 13% career ...
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Why are Photonics Researchers Embracing FEM?

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a popular tool used by engineers to reduce the number of prototypes and virtual experiments necessary to create a successful design. It uses complex mathematics to create virtual simulations that can realistically test the integrity of a design.  As ...
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