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blockchain technology use case

Creating a Blockchain Use Case in 7 Steps

At TNW2019 in Amsterdam, the in-house blockchain team at consulting giant Deloitte walked participants in the “Beyond tech: blockchain strategy for complex environments” workshop through the process of coming up with viable distributed ledger use cases. The team noted that although blockchain has its challenges, ...
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edge computing data processing illustration

Why Does Edge Computing Matter?

With the constant growth of connected devices, as well as persistent phone and tablet use, traditional centralized networks may soon be overwhelmed with traffic. Gartner predicts that 25 billion connected devices will generate unprecedented amounts of raw data by 2021. This problem will demand next-level ...
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gdpr myths eu flag

GDPR Myths Still Exist a Year Later

It’s been a year since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, but individuals and businesses still have misconceptions surrounding it. Here are six common myths about the GDPR:

  1. The large fines are just a threat.
    Pre-GDPR, there was a ...
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cyber security tips

9 Cyber Security Tips to Avoid Exposing Your Data

So much of our personal information is stored in our devices these days. Simply browsing online or enabling certain settings on your smartphone may leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks. Leaders at the Forbes Technology Council recently shared the following tips on what to be ...
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5G huawei autonomous vehicles self driving cares driverless att&t 5GE verizon

Huawei Launches World’s First 5G-Powered Hardware for Self-Driving Cars

According to Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies, the world’s first 5G-powered hardware for self-driving cars was recently showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show. Huawei launched the MH5000 module, which will contribute to the company’s plans to commercialize a 5G network for the automotive sector as ...
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5 women leading the blockchain revolution

5 Women Leading the Blockchain Revolution

From legislative reform and education to compliance and integration, strong female leaders are surfacing in blockchain, taking the reins in mapping out and establishing frameworks that are both easy to adopt and highly sustainable. Five of those leaders were recently featured in Forbes magazine. Caitlin ...
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what is finite element method FEM

What is the Finite Element Method?

The finite element method (FEM) was independently developed by engineers, beginning in the mid-1950s, to address structural mechanics problems related to aerospace and civil engineering. It started with significant promise in the modeling of several mechanical applications in these areas. But What Exactly Is It? ...
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How the IoT is Changing Industries and Lives

Connected devices are transforming the world in ways we could barely have imagined just a few decades ago. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing industries and lives around the world. The following are just four industries that are experiencing this transformation: Agriculture: IoT ...
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autonomous vehicles, av news, AVs, driverless cars, sensors

In Case You Missed It: AV News

Here’s what’s happening in the world of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology this week: Forget Self-Driving Cars. Bring Back the Stick Shift. Are we becoming so reliant on technology that we’re no longer paying attention? A report from the National Traffic Safety Administration finds that one ...
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