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digikey digi-key nuclear engineering ieee engineering

What Do Nuclear Engineers Do?

This is a sponsored post from Digi-Key. Written by Jennifer Boscavage With 60 nuclear power plants and 90 reactors in the United States, nuclear engineers have plenty of opportunities to work in alternative energy. Overall, nuclear power has a low impact on the environment, offering engineers ...
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Solar panels with wind turbines and electricity clean energy New Mexico smart grid electricity demand

NSF Awards $20M Grant for New Mexico Smart Grid Research

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced a five-year $20 million grant for New Mexico’s SMART Grid Center. The grant was based on smart grid research happening at New Mexico State University (NMSU) over the past five years. The grant is part of NSF’s Established ...
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california cyber security

California Becomes the First State to Sign IoT Cyber Security Law into Existence

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill to regulate the cyber security standards of connected devices. With this bill (SB 327), California is set to have the toughest Internet of Things (IoT) standards in the United States. It’s the first state with such ...
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Are you #CyberAware? Cyber Security Awareness Month

7 Ways to Get Employees Onboard with Cyber Security Procedures

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and there’s no better time than now to get your employees on board with cyber security procedures to keep customer information and other general company data protected. Here’s what the Forbes Technology Council suggests for improving employee compliance with ...
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ieee engineering courses online training elearning free certificates engineers

Why Offering Professional Development Opportunities is Always a Smart Idea

Technology is changing the world we live in, almost faster than today’s workforce can keep up. According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report, by 2020 most occupations will require core skills that weren’t considered crucial in the mid-2010s. There’s no way ...
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ups fedex blockchain advanced blockchain supply chain management blockchain logistics shipping transportation technology

Shipping Giants Employ Blockchain Technology to Manage Supply Chain Logistics

There’s growing interest in the use of blockchain in the supply chain sector. The secure digital ledger technology can be shared among partners to track cargo, shipments and parcels, ensuring all handling requirements are met. Two of the largest U.S.-based shipping companies, UPS and FedEx, ...
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autonomous vehicle camera self driving school bus av safety driverless accidents

Here Comes the Autonomous School Bus

New this year in Cache Valley, Utah, is a one-of-its-kind school bus equipped with additional safety features, including a camera system allowing the bus driver a 360° view of the outside of the bus whenever the driver uses a turn signal or puts the vehicle ...
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smart grid modernization electrical grid power industry holistic solutions power and energy

3 Real-Life Examples of the Positive Impact of Smart Grid Data Analysis

Legacy technology has stalled the full potential of the smart grid, making the act of processing the volume of smart grid and smart home data ridiculously expensive and technically unfeasible. But recent advances in connectivity, data management, analytics and machine learning give us the tools ...
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professional development hours ieee certificates continuing education units PDHs CEUs engineers license building construction

6 Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Employees Professional Development Certificates

There are lots of reasons why employees may want to earn professional development certificates – validation of expertise, added prestige, a pay increase and better chance of promotion, to name a few. But why should employers offer certificates? Here’s Why

  1. Greater Appeal: Offering professional ...
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