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ieee english for engineering engineer training communication skills for engineers

Why Communication is the Most Sought-After Skill in the Workplace Today

Communication skills are highly sought after in the workplace and sorely lacking in the United States. According to LinkedIn data, it’s the biggest unfulfilled need among American businesses today. The data shows that companies are in need of 1.4 million more people who can communicate ...
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Global smart grid projections 2020 future trends grid modernization

Global Smart Grid Projections for 2020

Technology changes, growing electricity demand, emission concerns, and supportive policies are spurring grid development projects globally. After all, electricity consumption and economic growth are strongly connected, with secure and sustained electricity supply highlighting strong business performance at the nation-state level. Worldwide, government entities are working ...
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Robots robotics ieee engineering robotics news latest engineering robot trends

Robotics for Laundry, Lawn, and Socializing

Humans tend to have an irrational fear of artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to robots taking over our lives. Unless we’re talking about robots that do household chores. Although the use of robots is limited to structured environments right now, the field of robotics ...
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cyber security cybersecurity engineering jobs cyber attacks cyber threats cyber innovations

How to Benefit from the Cyber Security Staffing Shortage

We’re seeing a lull in major cyber attacks right now, but since they tend to come in waves, the next one could be just around the corner. In fact, 2019 could be the worst year for cyber attacks yet, as companies increasingly pursue digitization to ...
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iot smart automotive Driverless car with artificial intelligence combine with deep learning technology. self driving car can situational awareness around the car, letting it navigate itself 360 degree

How the IoT Will Transform the Transportation Industry

Although transportation has already been affected by the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s really only at the beginning stages of transformation. The IoT has the potential to completely change the industry. Collecting and sharing data between devices to make decisions without human interaction is ...
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4IR Fourth industrial revolution on blockchain polygon world map ieee 4IR innovation

What Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is upon us, and experts predict more than seven million jobs will be affected in the next five years. Described as a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, its poised to significantly alter the ...
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5G verizon edge computing cloud computing online edge training 5g news and trends

Verizon Successfully Tests Edge Computing on a Live 5G Network, Cuts Latency in Half

At Verizon’s newly formed 5G testbed in Houston, engineers recently performed a facial recognition test using a Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) in the network facility with MEC platform software and using a centralized data center. They were able to successfully identify an individual twice as ...
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3 Real-World 5G and Edge Use Cases in Manufacturing

The integration of edge computing and 5G networks hasn’t made a major impact in the manufacturing marketplace just yet, but it will. Manufacturers are attracted to 5G’s ability to create secure, software-defined networks that combine high bandwidth and performance with unmatched flexibility, and to ...
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IEEE power and energy pes renewable energy sources wind turbine

Renewable Power Sources Are Gaining Traction Around the World

Climate change is threatening to take a catastrophic toll on humans in the next century, and increasing renewable power sources has been identified as one way of staving off this global issue. After all, the energy sector is the largest single source of global emissions ...
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