7 Ways to Get Employees Onboard with Cyber Security Procedures

Are you #CyberAware? Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and there’s no better time than now to get your employees on board with cyber security procedures to keep customer information and other general company data protected.

Here’s what the Forbes Technology Council suggests for improving employee compliance with cyber security procedures:

  1. Awareness: Implement initial training to educate staff members about potential threats and you’re likely to get buy-in on compliance.
  2. Training: Provide regular training programs and include the liabilities and threats that could be a consequence of not following protocols.
  3. Personal: Use video training with clear examples of how non-compliance can trigger a security breach, hurt the company and impact the employee. These examples help put things in perspective.
  4. Transparency: Be transparent in communications about internal security procedures, letting your staff know that you’re protecting corporate assets, not monitoring personal interests and productivity. This will go a long way toward gaining their trust.
  5. Entertain: Using entertaining videos will help visually convey the key points for following cyber security procedures.
  6. Connect: Tie training to your employees’ personal lives, for instance, including cyber security in a series of trainings that educate employees to be aware of risks that impact them personally — W2 fraud, tax fraud and cyber fraud.
  7. Simplify: Long policies and procedures documents aren’t likely to be read and retained. Keep it short and simple to maximize engagement.

Essential Cyber Security Training

When you consider the cost associated with recovering information and losing customer trust, an investment in cyber security training is well worth it, and IEEE offers two cutting-edge online training programs to help ensure your organization is ready to fight cyber attacks. Make sure everyone in your organization understands the basics of cyber security with Cyber Security Tools for Today’s Environment and Hacking Your Company: Ethical Solutions to Defeat Cyber Attacks. Connect with an IEEE Content Specialist today to learn more about these programs and pricing for your organization.


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