Celebrate National Online Learning Day by Investing in Your Future


The famed adage that “you’re never too old to learn” couldn’t be more true or more empowering. This 15 September marks a great time to invest in your future as it’s “National Online Learning Day” in the U.S. Celebrate by tapping into the broad range of educational resources and opportunities available from IEEE to learners of all ages and backgrounds through digital mediums.

The Growth of Online Learning

If you’ve engaged in online learning or even considered it, you’re not alone. According to Forbes, the global eLearning market is expected to be worth US$325 billion by 2025 – roughly double its level a decade ago.

While the growth of remote work and education formats were necessary for schools and businesses worldwide during the pandemic, online learning has continues to deliver benefits and is here for the long run.

For example, LinkedIn found that nine out of ten companies offer eLearning opportunities to their employees. (This figure is up significantly from just 4% of companies in 1995!) Additionally, Zippia reports that 42% of all Fortune 500 companies actively rely on eLearning tools for employee training.

The fact is, online learning offers many proven advantages and benefits, including:

  • Cost Effectiveness: According to the Research Institute of America, eLearning can save organizations up to 50% of the cost associated with traditional classroom training (not to mention the cost of travel, room and board, etc.).
  • Efficiency: A Brandon Hall study revealed that eLearning programs are efficient mechanisms that take 40-60% less time to complete than equivalent classroom-based instruction.
  • Retention: By removing distractions and allowing learners to go back over any training they need, The Research Institute of America found that eLearning boosts retention rates by as much 60% compared to traditional in-person training.
  • Productivity and Profitability: According to an IBM study, employees deliver US$30 of increased productivity for every $1 invested in eLearning. In a study by The Educators, nearly half of the companies surveyed reported a growth in income thanks to support from eLearning.
  • Convenience and Engagement: eLearning is asynchronous in that it’s available anytime from anywhere. Giving employees more control over their learning schedule and environment pays dividends. According to a LinkedIn study, for example, nearly 60% of employees prefer self-paced learning over instructor-led learning. Furthermore, a study by The Association for Talent Development reports that eLearning formats can increase employee engagement by 18%.

Are You Learning Something New Every Day?

When it comes to online learning this September and every day, IEEE is your go-to source for targeted and engaging continuing education. Don’t miss these and other opportunities to be a lifelong learner through IEEE.

  • The IEEE Learning Network: Access hundreds of educational courses through the IEEE Learning Network (ILN), which offers the latest continuing education in engineering and technology. From instruction in 5G, the smart grid, and renewable energy to AI, next-generation IoT, current standards, and much more, the ILN can help you advance your career, refresh your skills, or just keep you on top of the latest industry trends. And, IEEE Members can save an additional 50% off our online courses! 
  • The IEEE Leading Technical Teams Program: Enhance your leadership potential with this targeted in-person training designed to help you develop the essential skills and strategies required to lead technical teams to exceptional results.  This cutting-edge curriculum covers the latest trends and best practices in technical leadership through an immersive six-hour interactive training session that features engaging case studies and practical exercises.  Save your seat for the upcoming October and November sessions by visiting 
  • The IEEE | Rutgers Online Mini-MBA for Engineers: This 15-week online program represents an outstanding and convenient alternative to a full graduate school program and is expressly designed for engineers and technology professionals. Learners will gain skills in key topic areas such as Business Strategy, Managing New Product Development, Analyzing Financial Statements, Intellectual Property Strategy, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership. The program offers a robust combination of expert instruction, peer interaction, self-paced video lessons, interactive assessments, live office hours, and a hands-on capstone project experience. Learn more about the program and save your seat today! 
  • Digital Badges: Proficiency in a topic can earn a learner an IEEE digital badge, a credential recognizing the completion of continuing education or the acquisition of a skill through participation in an IEEE course or event.  Completion of select courses taken through the ILN or by attending specific virtual events hosted by IEEE Educational Activities can earn these digital badges, which can be displayed on resumés, social media, and email signatures. 
  • The IEEE eLearning Library: Offering high-quality, peer-reviewed online courses in relevant topics, the IEEE eLearning Library delivers hundreds of course hours in core and emerging technologies and provides professionals, faculty, and students across academic institutions, corporations, and government agencies a better way to learn. Developed by recognized experts in a wide range of engineering-based industries and technologies, the Library can help researchers, R&D teams, and other employees throughout an organization stay abreast of the latest developments in related technologies and capitalize on market opportunities.



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