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Technical jobs are among the most popular and well-paying careers in today’s job market. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a professional looking to change roles, there is no shortage of technical careers from which to choose. However, some technical careers are more sought-after than others. According to the employer review service Glassdoor, this year’s number one technical position is enterprise architect.

“Enterprise Architect is the #1 Best Job in America, striking a strong balance between salary, job openings and job satisfaction; a relevant role as our work and life increasingly goes digital. Overall, nearly half of jobs are in tech.,” the report states. 

Glassdoor’s full list of top 10 technical careers in America and their average salaries include:

  1. Enterprise Architect — $144,997 USD
  2. Full Stack Engineer — $101,794 USD
  3. Data Scientist — $120,000 USD
  4. Dev Ops Engineer — $120,095 USD
  5. Strategy Manager — $140,000 USD
  6. Machine Learning Engineer — $130,489 USD
  7. Data Engineer — $113,960 USD
  8. Software Engineer — $116,638 USD
  9. Java Developer — $107,099 USD
  10. Product Manager — $125,317 USD

What Are The Best Technical Jobs for Hybrid Workers?

Technical workers are increasingly looking for jobs that offer hybrid work flexibility. Glassdoor employee reviews mentioning “hybrid” grew by 626 % over the past year. As such, the company found the following careers offer the best flexibility for hybrid work:

  1. Database Architect 
  2. Salesforce Developer
  3. Solutions Engineer
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Product Marketing Manager
  6. Enterprise Architect
  7. Cloud Engineer

What Technical Skills Will You Need?

The report found that the top technical skills required for Glassdoor’s best jobs include:

  1. Machine Learning —the study of developing algorithms that can get better on their own through the use of data
  2. Distributed Computing – a field of computer science that deals with distributed systems. 
  3. Time Series Analysis – the practice of analyzing data point sequences over an certain period of time
  4. Statistical Modeling – the practice of mathematical models and statistical assumptions in order to produce sample data and making real-world predictions 
  5. Usability Testing — a technique in which products or systems are tested on users to measure their effectiveness 

Non-technical skills are also important for landing these jobs. These include:

  1. Product Management – leading the successful development of a product from beginning to end
  2. Contract Administration – planning and executing contracts
  3. Project Management – overseeing the successful development of a project from beginning to end
  4. Business Planning – the ability to map out a business’ objects, how it will achieve those goals, and a timeline for doing so
  5. Account Management – the practice of creating and maintaining good client relationships

Join IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022)

Are you looking to grow your skills? Check out the various resources, events, and offers available during IEEE Education Week for continuing education opportunities.

IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022) is a weeklong celebration of continuing education opportunities provided by IEEE and its many organizational units, societies, and councils, as the world’s largest technical professional association. Through local and regional activities, webinars, online courses, scholarships, and more, this event offers IEEE members and the global community a wealth of educational resources. Participants can also earn points towards an IEEE Education Week Digital Badge. The celebration will feature both in-person and virtual events. Check out the IEEE Education Week video to learn more.

Who Can Join?

IEEE offers pre-university STEM, university, and continuing professional education resources for students, engineers, and technical professionals worldwide. This celebration will highlight resources for:

  • Engineers and professionals working in technical fields,
  • University students and faculty members,
  • Anyone looking for pre-university STEM education resources and experiences to encourage the next generation of engineers and technologists

You do not need to be an IEEE member to participate. However, IEEE members receive free  and discounted access to many of these events and resources— so check out these opportunities! Not an IEEE member? Now is the perfect time to join to take advantage of membership benefits. Click here to learn more.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

Celebrate IEEE Education Week with US$10 courses using promo code ILNIEW22 at checkout! As a bonus you can also save 20% on the IEEE English for Technical Professionals course program. 

IEEE is proud to announce the launch of its first IEEE Academy on the Internet of Things,  which provides two learning pathways that explore communications standards and computing platforms. In honor of IEEE Education Week, save 20% on each learning path using promo code ILNIOT22 at checkout.

During IEEE Education Week, IEEE Signal Processing Society is offering 50% off all webinars on their Resource Center. Use promo code SPSWEBINARS22 at checkout by 10 April 2022.

View all offer details here.

Are You Part of an IEEE-affiliated Group?

If you’d like to be involved in the celebration as an IEEE-affiliated group by offering educational events, resources, and/or special educational offers on the IEEE Education Week website, we would love to feature them! Learn how to get involved.

IEEE Education: Why Lifelong Learning is an Essential Part of Your Professional Home

IEEE President Ray Liu will be hosting a webinar to kickoff the celebration on 5 April at 1 p.m. ET. This event will cover why lifelong learning and continuing education are an essential part of what makes IEEE the professional home for hundreds of thousands of IEEE members. Registration is now open. Can’t attend the live event? Register to receive a link for the on-demand recording.


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