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The year 2022 should prove to be a hot job market for those with the right technical skills. With thousands of organizations digitizing their businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for software developers is skyrocketing. However, supply is not meeting demand, as a recent poll from CodinGame and CoderPad found that almost half of employers are having trouble finding candidates that meet their needs. 

Demand for DevOps and Artificial Intelligence is Soaring

Many organizations plan to significantly expand their ranks with workers who understand DevOps and artificial intelligence (AI). As ZDNet reported, the poll found that more than a third of surveyed employers hope to hire over 50 developers, while 15% hope to hire more than 200. Their most-wanted skills include DevOps and AI/machine learning. They are also looking for full-stack and back-end engineers, as well as programmers who know JavaScript, Java, and Python. 

While those are the top three programming languages sought by employers, the survey also found that more organizations are looking to hire programmers versed in niche programming languages, such as Clojure and Scala, but few developers know these languages. Other in-demand languages include Go, often used in DevOps, and Swift, the programming language used to develop apps for Apple iOS devices. 

Additional In-Demand Skills

DevOps and AI are far from the only in-demand technical skills employers seek. According to Enterprisers Projects, IT skills that employers are prioritizing this year include:

Product management:
As many CEOs transition to agile development, they are looking for candidates with a mix of technology, business, and leadership skills that bring “high impact technology products to market, whether internal or external” to the organization, Martha Heller, CEO of Heller Search Associates, told the publication. 

Cloud and container technology:
As many organizations are being forced to expedite their transition to the cloud during the pandemic, the demand for workers with cloud skills has risen dramatically. According to the 2021 Open Source Jobs Report from the Linux Foundation, cloud-native skills are now in greater demand than all other surveyed technical skills— with almost half of hiring managers looking to recruit candidates with cloud and container technology prowess. 

Leading change:
IT leaders and managers may know how to manage people effectively, but not necessarily how to effectively manage change. In the new year, organizations will be looking to hire IT leaders who understand and have experience with change dynamics, along with change leadership frameworks and tools. Desired knowledge also includes how to plan for and maintain a change roadmap, as well as experience in risk management, human challenges, and successful change initiatives. 

Cyber security:
With cyber crime rising significantly in 2021, organizations are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to hire technical professionals who know how to build a strong organization-wide cybersecurity culture

With so many employers looking for candidates with these skills, many tech workers are finding themselves in a highly competitive job market. One way to make yourself more attractive to hiring managers is to boost your skills through continuing education. 

Want to Learn New Digital Skills? Join IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022)

IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022) is a weeklong celebration of continuing education opportunities provided by the world’s largest technical professional association and its many organizational units, societies, and councils. Through local and regional activities, webinars, online courses, scholarships, and more, this event offers IEEE members and the global community a wealth of educational resources. 

Participants can also earn points towards an IEEE Education Week Digital Badge. The celebration will feature both in-person and virtual events. Check out the IEEE Education Week video to learn more. 

Who Can Join?

Are you a technical professional looking to develop new skills? A university student in need of networking and training? A STEM educator who wants to expand your students’ knowledge? IEEE Education Week is a great opportunity to explore the educational resources you need most!

IEEE offers pre-university STEM, university, and continuing professional education resources for students, engineers, and technical professionals all over the globe. This weeklong celebration will highlight resources for:

  • Engineers and professionals working in technical fields,
  • University students and faculty members,
  • Anyone looking for pre-university STEM education resources and experiences to encourage the next generation of engineers and technologists

You do not need to be an IEEE member to participate. However, IEEE members receive free and discounted access to many of these events and resources— so check out these opportunities! Not an IEEE member? Now is the perfect time to join to take advantage of membership benefits. Click here to learn more.

Are You Part of an IEEE-affiliated Group?

If you’d like to be involved as an IEEE-affiliated group by offering educational events, resources, and/or special educational offers on the IEEE Education Week website, we would love to feature them! Learn how to get involved.


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