Hot Jobs in the Growing IoT Job Market

IoT Job MarketAs the Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to grow, so does the IoT job market demand for highly skilled engineers and other technical professionals that can develop and support the billions of devices predicted by 2020.

Lack of Skills for IoT Job Market

Unfortunately, however, Immersat Research Programme research shows that 47% of organizations completely lack IoT skills, and plan to outsource everything. This brings challenges too, however, as Gartner predicts that three fourths of IoT projects will take twice as long as they should due to lack of IoT talent. (Florentine, 2017)

Average Salaries for IoT Engineering Jobs

With an IoT job market that is growing exponentially, it’s a great time for engineers to develop the skills needed to compete in the IoT job market. Here are some of the most in-demand skills in the IoT job market for engineers, along with their average salaries:

  • Machine Learning engineer – Average salary US: $128,549, India: Rs 900,000
  • Big Data engineer – Average salary US: $90,286, UK: £28,190
  • Node.js Senior Software engineer – Average salary US: $115,826, Saudi Arabia: SAR 110,006
  • Data Scientist – Average salary US: $98,763, India: Rs 905,608
  • Security engineer and Infrastructure Security engineer – Average salary US: $129,000, Canada: C$79,554
  • Electrical engineers (embedded device development for mobile apps and RF/analog and microwave engineering for communications systems and GPS) – Average salary US: $92,283, Germany: €48,652

Develop Engineering Skills for the IoT Job Market

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