When It Comes to Cyber Security, Consider Physical Cyber Security Defenses

When It Comes to Cyber Security, Consider Physical Cyber Security Defenses from IEEE Innovation at WorkThese days, tips on how to strengthen your cyber security seem to follow every announcement of another cyber attack: don’t forget to back up your data, apply patches over vulnerabilities, monitor firewalls, etc. It can be easy to get caught up in just the digital defenses, however. It’s helpful to remember that software is not your only weapon when it comes to cyber security. Physical cyber security defenses are another tier in your line of defense.

According to Goldstein (2016), physical security is critical, “especially for small businesses that do not have as many resources as larger firms to devote to security personnel and tools.” Implementing physical cyber security defenses will help secure critical assets such as IT infrastructure and servers.

Below are some precautions Goldstein suggests considering outside of your computer:

  • Foster a culture of security: Personnel are an organization’s first line of defense, so it is important to train employees in security awareness and build an enjoyable workplace to equip and motivate employees to protect the organization (Harkins, 2016).
  • Secure entry points: Companies can improve their cyber security by investing in security gates and doors. Requiring access cards helps restrict access, and deploying “smart locks” allows companies to add additional barriers with wireless unlocking mechanisms (Covington, 2016).
  • Use surveillance cameras: Inexpensive yet invaluable, surveillance cameras can detect potential threats as well as provide solid evidence for forensic review after incidents (Covington, 2016).
  • Install alarms: Intrusion systems go without much explanation, though they are crucial security elements for warding off intruders.
  • Guard the server room: Small businesses often maintain their data center in a small room, in which case monitoring and even securing access with security gates is especially important.

Taking these physical cyber security defense measures gives an organization a solid security foundation on which to build its cyber security defenses. When it comes to protecting yourself from cyber attacks, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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