Robotics for Laundry, Lawn, and Socializing

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Humans tend to have an irrational fear of artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to robots taking over our lives. Unless we’re talking about robots that do household chores.

Although the use of robots is limited to structured environments right now, the field of robotics continues to make progress. It may not be long before we’re using robots in our own homes, to do the chores we despise and make our lives a whole lot easier.

Take a look at what’s happening in robotics right now:

Remotely Operated Home Robot Can Do Your Laundry

If you’re one of many with a laundry robot fantasy, you’re going to love Ugo. While it’s not an autonomous solution, it’s still quite impressive.

iRobot Finally Announces Awesome New Terra Robotic Lawnmower

Rugged, fully autonomous, and literally wireless, iRobot’s Terra robotic lawnmower does for your backyard what the Roomba does for your floors.

ElliQ, a Social Home Robot for Older Adults, Now Available for Pre-Order

Marketed as a “sidekick” for older adults, ElliQ promises to decrease the feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Its physical, moving presence enhances the robot’s effectiveness as it suggests personalized activities to help keep its counterpart sharp, active, and engaged.



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