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Three Soft Skills Every Technical Professional Needs in 2022 (IEEE Education Week)

The Great Resignation is forcing many hiring managers to focus on skills over college degrees. This shift is extending to technical careers, as the job market experiences a growing desire for workers with both hard and soft skills. When there is not enough talent to ...
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Rethinking Your Data Privacy Practices? Consider These Three Rules

Despite a rush of new data privacy regulations around the world, many organizations have yet to transform the way they collect user data. However, due to the digitization and interconnectedness of modern-day businesses, those that wait to transform their policies may soon find themselves in ...
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Can This New Technique Reduce Bias In Machine Learning?

Machine learning is quickly becoming one of the most popular technologies that companies are investing in. Experts are growing increasingly worried that these models have a dangerous propensity for making mistakes when it comes to applications such as image recognition software used to diagnose illnesses, ...
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Carriers to Retire 3G As Plans to Rollout 5G Expand Worldwide

The great 3G shutdown is coming. When it does, millions of devices could potentially lose their connection to the Internet. With new equipment and enhanced technology developed for 5G, wireless carriers can deliver larger amounts of data much more quickly. However, they want to do ...
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7 In-Demand IT Skills That Can Get You Hired (IEEE Education Week) 

Technology professionals are some of the most sought-after workers in today’s economy. Currently, only 1.7 percent of tech workers in the U.S. are unemployed, compared to about 4 percent of the rest of the workforce, according to the New York Times. For those who work ...
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Three Ways to Rethink Leadership Development in a Post-Pandemic World

An effective leader often used to be seen as someone who is smart, fearless, and decisive. However, as more organizations shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders are struggling to live up to these old clichés. Traditional leadership styles don’t flourish in ...
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Demand for Qualified IoT Professionals is Rising: Use the IEEE Academy on IoT to Boost Your Skills

Not long ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) was an abstract concept. Now, with millions of devices interconnected across the world, IoT is closer to reality than ever before. According to Statista, IoT-connected devices worldwide are predicted to total as many as 30.9 billion units ...
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More Organizations Slapped With Big Fines Under New Privacy Laws

As the 2022 Winter Olympics began, so too did increased concerns over security. While no threats have been detected so far, the FBI has warned that various cyber criminals could try to take advantage of the Olympics to “make money, sow confusion, increase their notoriety, ...
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Eight Digital Transformation Evolutions That Will Happen 2022

After thousands of organizations were forced to digitally transform during the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders are wondering what’s next. While the adoption of digital transformation accelerates, the pandemic also continues to present challenges to organizations’ digital transformation plans. As such, leaders should prepare to deal ...
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