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Latest Posts


Data Privacy is Everybody’s Business: Building Data Privacy Principles into Product Development

In today’s highly connected society, the old saying that “data is king” has never been truer. Data is now the modern-day currency fueling our economy, and companies and organizations of all kinds are capitalizing on this reality. There are numerous ways that people share information ...


Are You Geared Up for the Grid? Microgrid Technologies: A Win-Win Solution

Today’s residential and business sectors have never been more dependent on the reliable flow of electricity. From consumers demanding instantaneous internet connectivity—both at home and on-the-go— to the vast majority of businesses both large and small relying on uninterrupted electric power, electricity is critical to ...

How Multiple Industries Utilize FEM and FEA

The finite element method (FEM) is essentially very complex math used by engineers to reduce the number of prototypes and virtual experiments necessary to create a successful design. In previous posts, we discussed the advantages of the finite element method (FEM) and finite element analysis ...


Stay Ahead of the Curve: Four Hot Tech Trends and Industry Headlines to Watch

A number of key tech trends are dominating industry headlines in 2023. They’re disrupting a diverse range of industries and signaling the world’s entry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (“Industry 4.0”) which will be marked by rapid change to technology, industries, societal patterns, and processes ...


Be a Lifelong Learner: Join Us For IEEE Education Week 2023

No matter what studies you read or data you cite, all signs point to one conclusion: Jobs in the STEM fields are in great demand in 2023 and will continue to remain so for many years to come. Consider the following:


The Impact of AR/VR: Are You Ready for the New Reality

If you’ve ever wanted to feel the thrill of playing professional football, flying a plane, riding a roller coaster, touring a house, exploring a remote travel destination, or immersing yourself in any of numerous other real-life experiences from the comfort and safety of your home, ...


5G is Finally Here, But Questions and Issues Remain

5G has been publicized as a substantial change in mobile networking—promising faster download speeds, real-time data-sharing, and network capacity. As such, the technology is expected to transform mobile networking and create new economic opportunities. Despite delays with the rollout in both the U.S. and parts of ...


What Makes a City Smart?

Shorter commutes, fewer crimes, reduced health burdens, and lower carbon emissions— smart city technologies provide residents with innovative technology, utility, and mobility for ease of living, economic growth, and sustainable development. An often-cited report by McKinsey Global Institute finds that  “smart cities” can improve essential ...

Demand for Wi-Fi 6 is Growing

Wi-Fi has been around for over 20 years. With each new generation, the world has seen remarkable gains in wireless performance, connectivity, and user experience. Wi-Fi 6E is a game-changing version of Wi-Fi that brings the technology to the 6 GHz frequency band. Past articles ...